She knows…

She knows…


she knows exactly where she’s going
she knows what she’s got to do
she feels there’s no one who understands her
or what she’s going through
so as she walks tears fill her eyes
as she walks along the frosted street
unhappy pictures fill her mind
they’ve left there scars deep
as she approaches she feels at ease
her minds made up for the first time
like a huge weight has been relieved
from her tiny shoulders
and she pulls herself up straight
and carefully looks down below
a 60ft drop awaits her eyes
another sad picture that burns her so
or is it happy she can’t decide
one thing its not is her self pride
she casts a look at the scars on wrist
she remembers all the pain
she thinks off all the things shell miss
but this doesn’t seem to scare her
she throws a rock and watched it fall
it hits the rush of water
and as it sinks away beneath
she throws herself in after.


March 19th, 2005 3:45pm


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