Book of torn life

Book of torn life

As I flip among my pages
I dare not tear the already torn
But why I wonder, do I seek
A page with not a sign of worn
I flip and flip, without a doubt
In search of my beautiful page
But I am soon to discover
All my pages are destroyed by rage
I’ve gone through my sad novel
Whippy sheet by whippy sheet
Destroying all my love and joy
Because I have no place in which it will keep
The gaps that I must close
However wide they gape
Cannot be sewed shut
Or closed up with tape
I must refill them
With something so grand
That nothing can slip through them
Not even a grain of sand
Maybe the sand will come from the beach
My so lovely beach of the sunset
Or maybe it will come off of paper
But at least I know one thing for sure,
My beautiful pages will be complete,
Thus making me complete
At the beach in Sihanouk Ville
Under the morning sun
If tomorrow never comes!!!


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