It is all about lies

To feel a feeling
is not nothing like a seed stalk or form
Sometimes you do not even feel until after the storm
to know is like knowing
to show is nothing like showing
while life is different than living
and everything in between
sitting to feel is living alive
while standing to know is living to die
opposites attract and nothing is what it seems
while sins and dreams and meant to be redeemed
who knows how to live if rules are meant to break
and who will ever know how to love if their hearts will ache
if nothing is like itself and being is not to be
where are the rose colored glasses that teach you how to see
how do you rebel is everyone is too
how do you stand out when you haven’t got a clue
to feel a feeling is telling a lie
to know a fact is equivalent to asking why
no one knows nor will ever
no one will feel, not now, nor if ever.
it is all about lies.


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