My Everlasting Pages..

My Everlasting Pages..

Smiles all around,
do I look happy today?
Carefree and hopeful,
But what can I say?
Look deep into my eyes,
and see them glistening with fear,
Look even deeper;
See the pain I cannot share.
Concealed away forever,
Away from prying eyes,
Let out only in the darkness,
the darkness is where my emotion dies.
Watch the blade glistening in the light;
See it pressing against my warm skin,
Eager to stop the life goes on,
Eager to get rid of the sin.
But I’ve done it so many times,
that now it can’t take away the pain,
so, why must I continue doing this to myself,
Time and time again.
Bloody and covered with emotion,
I hide the blade away,
ready to pull it out any other day.
Cuts may heal,
Scars will fade,
The sun still sets into the sea
but feelings are stuck with you for always.
Nothing gonna stop my everlasting pages…


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