Where you can find our first Khmer film as a great accomplishment of Khmer people, who I’ve admired  THE RED SENSE TimPek’s.

Let’s see how much you care about our historical Khmer re-alive as shown in the movie, spend your little time to trace where Khmer used to experience back to last memories our old generation and pay attention to where Khmer had  for 3 year 8 months 20 days in daydream as nightmare. The memories is alive… back to the movie,

the red sense url


2 thoughts on “THE RED SENSE

  1. Hi All,

    The film will be screened in Phnom Penh.
    The screening will take place on Friday 24th April, at 7pm. Meta House is at #6, Street 264, Chaktomuk, Phnom Penh (next to Wat Botum). tel 855 23 224 140

    Many thanks for your great support GGD.


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