Last night dream

The past is alive if you keep it alive, I couldn’t perform better than who I am just now. I’ve been trying to transform myself to be an optimist person to always think the world positively and to love people unconditionally. The shadow of the fact is running toward me to wake me up from last night dream. I watched TV last night, which I rarely do as a hobby besides reading is writing. A song in the TV program made me realize a lot of stuff in the past where I couldn’t stand any longer for being perceived.
The FIRST PERSON, sung by a famous Khmer singer. I like her voice, she’s no longer be my top singer. I liked most of her songs. I love music to die, especially oldies classic style while Jazz happens in my heart more than romantic feeling I could ever describe. Sometimes, Hip Hop would progress my old fashion inside. But the song I was watching last night reveals me the difference I didn’t concentrate much about meaning but the singer. She dedicated her song to a Khmer Australian actress in a film that I used to admire; it was left something behind the dedication.
Well, I decided to add some of her photos, because I can’t wait to tell everyone about her,  she’s beautiful in her own way, her role is even more admirable..

I like her for many reasons,

I love her way as well as her talent.. And She’s my people.

You will like her the way I do,  in THE RED SENSE,   her first attractive cinematic Khmer accomplishment to wake you up from A long lost historical dramatic re-alive back to a sad crying night. I know it’s a movie, sad movie always make me cry..
I had to find my old collection stuff from my removable drives, I finally found some of my backup data, let’s read her in Khmer… I wish I could see her in person one day.. and I’d tell her worlds from deep down inside my soul, I’m truly impressed and admired her, she’s deserved to be a true Khmer actress to bring us pride as I’m proud to be Khmer is getting to know her
she’s the woman of my last night dream, I hope to be in reality to see her real smile and to talk the heart of Khmer people.

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