I’ve always asked myself before I go to sleep and after I wake up as well as when I walk to work.. Keep asking and telling myself when will I be a person to choose my own desires and to walk my life to where I wanna be.. I want a simple life and I want to live my life for what I wanna be…

I come back home after long hours working, I lay down a few minutes on my thin mattress and think of those questions once again.. I go to shower and come back to my place, I ask myself why why why… Isn’t it call insanity? I’m not really sure if you can find me, I’m off to somewhere you may be unable to see. Those mysteries are alive and may be not going to disclose my insanity.
I’m leaving behind and ignored because I’m invisible, you don’t see those falling tears, you don’t feel the way I feel, you don’t know how life would that be.. Cool breeze bring back old memories. Some songs reminded past stories,
Memories are memorized when you are memorized you are collecting
Something without pondering.. I gather lot of memories from those moments, one moment in time and I know I can never turn back the time..
The time that you have never imagined to be, but you were someone may be not going to be… I hope I’m not sleeping in the insanity, my fingers are becoming weak and my eyes are blurry, although my mind get messy.. I wish I’m not a misery.

I hate myself everyday and my memory is lost.. I remember nothing, I know nothing, and I’m nothing… They say sweet insanity is never be… Toxic and nothing toxic..


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