You can’t get anything right

You can’t get anything right

Some things in life
Just don’t make sense.
You think you’re smart
But really you’re dense.

You hope to see light,
But you’re stuck in the dark,
You hope the scars fade,
But they leave an ugly mark.

You think it’s love,
But it’s all a lie,
But you still don’t want to leave them,
And just can’t say good-bye.

Like when you get hurt
by who you thought was "the one"
Or when it pours
when you prayed for sun.

Or how about when all you gain
Is pain,
Or when you think you’re normal,
But you’re really insane?

You want to hug them,
But they refuse to hug back,
You think you have it,
but it’s the one thing you lack.

You think you’re brave,
But inside you’re shy,
You try to make them laugh,
But instead they cry.

nothing_toxic: You think they love you,
but they always wanna fight,
Not matter how hard you try,
You can’t get anything right.

However, you can’t get anything right, the faults are mine, most of the time, the faults are mine, I never get anything right… I don’t understand why, why problems are belong to mine, why things can’t be right, why would  problems come my way, and who am I to handle problems…


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