I know I can’t go further..

I know it’s hard to let it go further..
I know it’s even harder to get it done or over..
I know I can never back to be better..
I know there is no backup left behind later..
I know it’s tough and tight up this matter.. 
I know you are not sad as much as I have suffered..
I know you never knew how hard it’s been filtered..
I know I can’t change the real you go deeper..
I know I can’t make it right of what we long for together..
I know when I want it faster, it turned down slower..
I know when I need it harder, it came out silver..
I know what you want but I’m ignored what I want..
I know I’m a true weaker going to be a dead loser..
Picture 001

I know I can’t go further…

It was ended up and started over.