The Bible and Jane Eyre — get me inspired and my God sister

jane Jane Eyre begins life with all disadvantages that nature and society can give her : she has no parents, no money, she is a girl (in a man’s world), and, to make matters worse, she is not beautiful. She is made even more attractive, in the eyes of the world, by having strong character: she will not do what she is told to do. She does not sound like the heroine of one of the great love stories of the world, and yet she behaves like one. The world looks at her, with all her disadvantages,and tells her to expect little from life. But Jane refuses to listen; she refuses to accept the unimportant place that the world offers to her. She demands that the world accept her as she is: not important, but the heroine of her own life; not beautiful, but deserving of love.                                 

I’m truly inspired as I’m reading her story , Jane is alone in the world. Dislike by her aunt’s family, she is sent away to school. Here she learns that a young girl, with neither money nor family to support her, can expect little from the world. She survives, but she wants more from life than simply to survive: she wants respect, and love. When she goes to work for Mr.. Rochester, she hopes she has found at once. But the sound of strange laughter, late at night, behind a locked door, warns her that her troubles are only beginning…

And when I have just arrived the 2nd part of the book, where making a friend, Jane has found Helen at her charity school where her cruel aunt sent her away from Gateshead. She does not even realize where or which school she would go but to leave Mrs. Reed, her aunt’s selfish family. It’s of course the part made me emotionally cry like a kid is desperately depressed, I could sense for sure from the beginning I’m addicted as my imagination has been created Jane Eyre if she is existed in her sad lonely existence and I feel like I’m the one keep track on her and I feel even suffer within the lines of unfair punishment in the Red room treated by her cool blooded aunt.

I’m reminded of what my only god sister often guide me through the line from the other side of long distance, we are existed in somewhere afar in 2 different places as part of the world and we have never been in real, but both hearts are bound and mean much to me. Needless to say we have known each other by fateful chance, she is a very admirable person down the earth, she shows me a lot about life and love.. Her unique genuine friendship is valuable to let go, I’m blessed to have her. I could not understand her ideas but I had a feeling she might be right for many things like Jane is wondering about what a great person of Helen.

We have different beliefs but we respect each other, I respect things she owned; the deference of our religions does not matter to us and I have agreed and accepted her reasons by all mean, I do admire her from my heart until I know her and I bet I would have not been the same her way as she is if I were her.

I’ve wanted to helped her but I help her any single thing, nothing I could do to return my God sister a favor; for a kind woman, the best woman and she is her. I remember her words, her soft voice and her happy action does make sense to me, she’s the only one who bring happiness to people as she’s born to please people even if she could not help herself to be happy, it’s the reason I feel guilty for my helpless favors, I’m sad for her and I cry for her.. But I still admire her and proud of her likewise Jane admires Helen. Helen is treated very bad unlikely other pupils in the class, she knew All the answers, I’m expecting the teacher to praise her, but instead she suddenly cried out, and gave an order, Helen left the room and returned, carrying the stick. The teacher took it and hit Helen several times with it. The girl did not cry or change expression.

Jane was surprised that Helen did not explain to the teacher that none of student could wash their faces or hands because the water has been frozen and Helen was hit because of her dirty hands. Helen can handle well and never complained about her worse life being treated while Jane is wondering how would a young hard working kid is deserving unkind lessons, but Helen keeps smiling and complains nothing.

"The Bible tells us to do good, even if other people hurt us. Sometimes you have to put up with some hard things in life," said Helen as well as my God sister often stated. Jane and me has the same ideas, I love those who love me, and Jane hates those who punish her unfairly.

Helen added, "you should read the Bible and do what Christ says — people who believe in GOD should love their enemies" & "life is too short to continue hating anyone for a long time. We all have faults, but the time will come soon when we die, when our wickedness will pass away with our bodies, leaving only the pure flame of the spirit. That’s why I never think of revenge, I never consider life unfair. I live in calm, looking forward to the end."

— Well, I wish to share you guys the whole story of Jane Eyre, but the bus that I’m taking to my hometown is almost arrives and I’m ready to get off and take taxi until my mom’s house. I’d be excited to see all my family and my little 20 months old niece, Jolie is her given name that my mom gets for her. She’s sounded like 3 years old kid, she’s older than her age is; besides her cute character and smiles, she makes everyone can’t be happy without, she’s so sensitive and smart.


I’m missing her so much and I bought her a pair of nice shoes that I bought from Guabgzhou and some stuff for my sisters and mom as small gifts for my absence during Chinese new year. Jolie is made to call me once at least a day, she speaks sweetly her voice and clearly polite behavior, although, I wish to hear and see her growing up every single day. I’m happy for my sister to have such a lovely and wonderful matured kid the way Jolie is…

Will tell you more about Jane once I feel in the mood for writing:)

p.s : Thank to Kenika, my good friend who lend me this book for reading. I’ve not found it until last week, and I have been very busy to read stories. I’ll return her the book as soon as I can finish it. Hope she doesn’t mind for that long owe 🙂


Fake friends

When you believe you are trying to maintain good relation and when you trust relationship between people you know may last long as you had expected them to, you are a dead misery and you must survives yourself and try to be happier without them and knock your head harder and louder because your stupidity created such days.

God buddy is very hard to find but fake friendship I’ve been found and turned me down time after time. when you love someone you gonna learn to let them go and learn to live happier without them and keep practicing it as a habit because you come and go alone so you gotta live yourself within loneliness happily.

Do what makes you feel great but not to distract others because of your owned comfort.. nothing real and no honest friendship existed in this world.
They can come to you and also can go out without you. don’t put up too much with those friends and no more pretending dude.. I know I must go further alone and I’m happy without all of fake things you guys have done.
Anyway, thank for all those drama you guys have been trying to perform, you had to keep practicing your habit to whoever you wish to but no more for me and stop bother me as I can’t handle it any longer and I can’t participate with your great drama.. perform better ok?