Fake friends

When you believe you are trying to maintain good relation and when you trust relationship between people you know may last long as you had expected them to, you are a dead misery and you must survives yourself and try to be happier without them and knock your head harder and louder because your stupidity created such days.

God buddy is very hard to find but fake friendship I’ve been found and turned me down time after time. when you love someone you gonna learn to let them go and learn to live happier without them and keep practicing it as a habit because you come and go alone so you gotta live yourself within loneliness happily.

Do what makes you feel great but not to distract others because of your owned comfort.. nothing real and no honest friendship existed in this world.
They can come to you and also can go out without you. don’t put up too much with those friends and no more pretending dude.. I know I must go further alone and I’m happy without all of fake things you guys have done.
Anyway, thank for all those drama you guys have been trying to perform, you had to keep practicing your habit to whoever you wish to but no more for me and stop bother me as I can’t handle it any longer and I can’t participate with your great drama.. perform better ok?


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