My boyfriend is type B

I have a day off for the woman’s day on 08/Mar, I didn’t plan to do anything but staying at home, did the chores and got my old car washed, for a week without cleaning, it were smelly and the dust covered the front mirror, from the 4 windows I could see nothing. I went to drink coffee at Modolkiri coffee shop, again I was alone. It made me thinking of someone that I used to talk to in the place, same table, I missed the moment we spent together. I made her 3 time calls, the phone couldn’t connect to her phone, it happened to be offline. I was surely worried what happened and I hope she were busy or on the way to her homeland. I finally got her back on the next day. Though, we had a short conversation. Because of electricity were cut at her place caused no battery for charging her cell phone, that why she needed to keep her phone secured from the lost. I was happier the know that she’s safe and sound.


I could not sleep, I was staying up late just to watch a films, I played the DVD which I have seen for over 3 times. I love the song that the actor sings and playing guitar, AND I LOVE YOU . I have a copy of the song and ready for posting on my page this morning. It’s kind of funny and romantic scene, I guess if anyone has ever seen the film.     "MY BOYFRIEND IS TYPE B".


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