A fresh moment back

    DSC00417 I thought I could not overcome cluttered feeling of mine and I thought I could not stand up. I still dare not to hope for things and I had no confidence to trust myself.. I could only tell my pillow and I could whisper to my journal, I practice my silly routine every single night right before I could swallow few pieces of some kind of pills , the effect of the pills could only kill this girl in several hours but can never kill her forever. I wake up practice the usual habit, in front of my bathroom’s mirror I saw aged woman, she was trying to wear happy face.She was wearing smile on her dummy face, reflection of the mirror show the truth her, she is a misery like no others.. she thought she would give up everything and walked her slow step to where she used to spend in her lonely darkest night.


    She believes books would help and music would shed teardrops for not rolling down when memories recalled, she begins life and learns to live without hopes and she started to change a single day and takes away  life to be unsocial and reverse. She is of course begun different…


    DSC07520 .. and  when she told me that, I would never give up and never leave good moments behind,  it’s up and often down and up again.. learn to stay stable and tolerate enough, balance your days and think of good stuff and specially the moments made you laugh.  Needless to say, you have a very small room to keep good stuff if you save pessimism ideas and remember more about negative experiences , you are going to spend your life for nothing and run out of success at a corner of getting defeated.. you sort out space of no happiness and sooner your heart earns less room of confidence.. you are deserved to be unable to rescued… as to be considered as a victim eternally.


    She keeps telling me the same lessons every single day and night right after I wake up and each time after my praying lesson.. I practice stay no reply…


    DSC01162 But…. I’m so different and I’m happier..

    I have to tell you that I’m much better today because I learn how to find way back to who I am and with who used to make my real time smiles. A fresh moment to hope for and I make a good wish to give myself some credit to survive as I almost spent the rest pieces of strength gone to ultimately endless road.. thanks to all my best friends. Big smiles floating to wherever you think of me because I’m also thinking of you and I miss you.. Day dreaming


2 thoughts on “A fresh moment back

  1. Hi Dear,

    It was 10 days with your new task, what is it going on? You seem rush everyday, however, whatever happend I am still your promp.

    So nervously with my first time to be a commentator.

    Anyway, wish you all the best, keep smiling ^-^ ^-^ 🙂 🙂

    Warm Regards,

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