I’m again stuck and nothing

hey there..
It’s 2.30am local time in Cambodia, I don’t know how to describe things happened to me in this late evening, it’s such an incredibly argument of a couple who were talking and acted so silly for nonsense issues, the guy seemed to never trust his lover and never have a self- confident. I began to clear up my mind and decide what i should go next, it’s not a last minutes but too late to get it fix and fed up enough. It’s the end of the story of my funny clip. I’ve been working Myself like crazy for several months to hope for developing and showing ability of a silly performance of mine which worth for nothing. They say that people are more selfish and possessive. They care nothing and words from their mouth only meaningless statements created under confident thought of others may have. They considered what innocence of inhumanity to be loved.

They think what they demand is right and disagree any explanations or clarifications. They will never be a successors will be a misery forever.