How to Spend Time Usefully While Unemployed

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I’m not sure if you guys interested reading, but I’m into reading, usually I’ve been automatically reverted and posted from some websites that got me subscribed, E-HOW is one of useful web that keep me posted many kind of helpful stuff to learn and to share people, though I re-posted here for all of my friends who care learning self-development from time to time, here you are..

Anyone who has lost a job can tell you that it isn’t pleasant–but what most don’t tell you is it sometimes feels like a prison sentence. There is nowhere to go every day and nothing to occupy your time for 8 to 12 hours a day. This can be very bad for your psyche. No good can come from sitting in the house all day and watching television. You need to get active and get perspective. Of course it goes without saying that you should put a large portion of the time you have off into looking for the new job, but sometimes the times you are not spending looking can be the most rewarding. Here are some ways to put your days to good use..



  • Step 1

    DSC01328Plan activities with the family. Work isn’t an excuse for not going to a baseball game with your children now. Take the time to be apart of their lives to a fuller extent. Go for a walk with your significant other in the park. Do the things you always wanted to do with the family.

  • Step 2

  • DSC07474 Get a hobby. Find a fun and challenging activity that can help take your mind off not working. Learn a new language or take up fishing. Keep yourself active or you might steer down the road towards depression. Always look at your time as an opportunity to learn something new. 

  • Step 3


    Volunteer. It really doesn’t matter what you may choose to volunteer for, but getting out of the house and doing something for others will help pass the hours. Go down to the local shelter and hand out food or join a clean up crew and clean the highways. Getting involved in the community can be great for the soul and can be a beneficial resume filler. 


  • Step 4                                                                                                DSC00055 Participate in training courses. Most states offer some kind of training courses when unemployed. Take a computer course in Microsoft Word even if you think you know all about it. Having a state certificate asserting you have passed a training course can definitely help find that new job and reflect on your resume that you stayed active in pursuing your professional development while out of work.

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