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In the two years from the day that she burst onto the world musical landscape, Christina Aguilera has scored four #1 smash hit singles, watched sales of her chart-topping RCA debut album surpass the 12 million mark worldwide (23 million CDs and singles total sold to date), headlined the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, performed for the President, and to top it all off, took home two Grammys including one for Best New Artist, headlined a mammoth 2000 international tour, released a Spanish language album, and a holiday album of seasonal favorites. Christina Aguilera continues to provide evidence that she is the premier musical voice of her generation.
Christina first began performing at age six in school talent shows and became known as the ‘little girl with a big voice.’ At age eight, she appeared on the nationally syndicated ‘Star Search,’ using her runner-up winnings to buy a portable sound system so she could sing in the park. By the time she was 10, Christina was singing the National Anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins. And then, at twelve, she joined the ensemble cast of ‘The New Mickey Mouse Club,’ appearing on the Orlando-based show along with future stars Britney Spears, J.C. and Justin of ‘N Sync, and Keri Russell of ‘Felicity.’ After two years, the show ended and Christina got the opportunity to travel overseas to further hone her musical skills. In 1997, Christina performed in places as far flung as Tokyo, Japan (where she released a single with Keizo Nakanishi called ‘All I Wanna Do’) and Brasov, Romania, but always with her eye on the same goal. ‘I always wanted to have my own album recorded and released before I graduated high sc
hool,’ says Christina. She certainly took quick strides toward that goal.
In early 1998, after finishing some demos and shopping for a record deal, Christina auditioned to sing ‘Reflection’ for Disney’s animated film ‘Mulan.’ The filmmakers needed someone ‘who could hit a high E above middle C,’ according to Christina, who then cut a one-take demo in her living room singing to a karaoke tape of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Run To You.’ The demo was rushed to Disney, and within a day, Christina was in a Los Angeles studio recording ‘Reflection.’ That same week, RCA Records signed her to a record contract. ‘Mulan’ premiered in June 1998, and ‘Reflection’ turned into a Top 15 A/C single, with Christina performing it live on ‘CBS This Morning’ and the ‘Donnie & Marie Show.’ ‘Working on the ‘Mulan’ project was so unbelievable,’ Christina said in June 1998. ‘I seriously thought I wouldn’t get the job because the song was so difficult. It’s so cool to hear your voice in a theater.’ The single went on to garner a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture and Christin
a the attention of some of the best writers and producers in the industry.
On her self-titled debut album for RCA, those writers and producers helped Christina showcase her special talents. ‘I was thrilled to work with so many great writers and producers on my album,” says Christina. ‘What A Girl Wants’ was produced by Guy Roche (Brandy, Cher, Dru Hill, Aaliyah, K-Ci & Jo Jo), ‘Genie In A Bottle’ was produced by ex-System member David Frank and Steve Kipner, and ‘Blessed’ was penned and produced by Travon Potts (co-writer of Monica’s chart topping ‘Angel of Mine’). Meanwhile, Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers (‘N Sync, Boyzone, Brand New Heavies) contributed a pair of tracks, the soul-flavored ‘Love For All Seasons’ and the rousing ‘Love Will Find A Way.’ Christina is particularly proud of the album’s ballads, such as the Matthew Wilder-produced ‘Reflection,’ and ‘Obvious’ written by newcomer Heather Holly, and of course, master tunesmith Diane Warren’s smash ‘I Turn To You.’
Christina Aguilera’s breakthrough year in ’99 began with her first #1 single ‘Genie In A Bottle,’ which stayed atop the charts for five consecutive weeks and rocketed the album to #1 upon its release in August 1999. The follow-up single ‘What A Girl Wants’ reached the coveted first Billboard Hot 100 #1 slot of 2000 (the first #1 hit of the new millenium) and helped to push the album into platinum territory many times over (‘Come On Over Baby’ became the third #1 from the album later in 2000).
Among other honors, along with stars like Jodie Foster and Aretha Franklin, Christina was named one of the most fascinating women of 1999 on the ‘Ladies Home Journal’ CBS-TV special earlier this year. Christina also won 1999’s Best New Artist at this year’s ALMA Awards, the annual event honoring the best in entertainment from the Hispanic-American community. She graced the covers of many national magazines, including Entertainment Weekly, Teen People and Latina and performed as a musical guest on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’ ‘The Rosie O’Donnell Show,’ and was the only female guest performer on VHI’s ‘Men Strike Back.’ She also performed on other TV specials such as ‘The Essence Awards,’ ‘Disney Summer Jams,’ and ‘People Magazines’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25.’
Other highlights for Christina over 1999 included a duet with blues legend BB King and a solo performance of ‘The Christmas Song’ for President Clinton on TNT’s ‘Christmas at the White House’ TV special. This led to the President asking Christina to sing the first song on his televised Millenium special from Washington. Christina had to decline due to a prior commitment to perform from Times Square in New York on MTV’s New Year’s Eve broadcast.Christina’s amazing new year of 2000 began with a great duet performance with Enrique Iglesias at the Super Bowl Half Time Show which also featured Phil Collins and Toni Braxton.
What made all her commercial success so much sweeter, were Christina’s two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal performance. In February 2000, Christina’s incredible ride to the top reached new heights as Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and Sara McLaughlan announced that the Grammy for Best New Artist goes to – Christina Aguilera! ‘It was an incredible shock for me,’ Christina recalls of that amazing night. ‘I was completely unprepared. My album had been out the least amount of time compared to everyone else, so I thought there was no way I’d win. But I was overwhelmed, shocked and overjoyed all at the same time.’
As for her national summer 2000 tour, co-sponsored by Sears and Levi’s, Christina was equally enthusiastic. ‘It was exciting to take my full band and my dancers out on the road,’ she says, ‘and giving the show an edgy, theatrical vibe. I was in on all the creative aspects of planning the show, of covering new ground, doing more blues, soul, and some spectacular choreography.’
Christina recorded a Spanish language album ‘Mi Reflejo’ released in fall 2000 and a seasonal album ready in time for the holidays. Said Christina, ‘I’ve always been proud of my Ecuadoran heritage. Recording a Spanish album and working with a great producer like Rudy Perez, gave me a chance to explore my Latin side.’ As for the Christmas album, Christina was excited about performing with a 70-piece orchestra and the opportunity to record both new and traditional holiday tracks. ‘I did a duet with Dr. John on ‘Merry Christmas Baby,’ she notes, ‘and several new pop Christmas songs with a real R&B edge.’
In March 2001, Christina collaborated with Ricky Martin on ‘Nobody Wants To Be Lonely’ that peaked at number 11 on Billboard charts, and became a worldwide international hit.
Christina also proved that she can work with other divas, as she did in the remake of ‘Lady Marmalade,’ from the ‘Moulin Rouge’ soundtrack which spent five weeks at #1. Teamed with Pink, Mya and Lil’ Kim, their video took home the 2001 MTV Video Award for ‘Best Video of the Year’ (among many awards the record received). She also appeared on the All-Star Tribute remake of Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On?,’ with a star-studded cast including Bono and Nelly Furtado. She capped off an amazing 2001 by winning her second Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Album for ‘Mi Reflejo.’
Billboard Magazine recently wrote about her great prospects for a long future:
‘Christina Aguilera’s much anticipated sophomore album is likely to be a hit with the critics and crowds alike. Boasting an edgier sound and self-written lyrics, this CD should end comparisons between Aguilera and bubblegum queen Britney Spears.
It’s been two years since the release of Aguilera’s self-titled debut disc – which was home to #1 hits like ‘Genie In A Bottle,’ ‘What A Girl Wants’ and ‘Come On Over Baby.’ This former Mousketeer has risen to a Grammy-winning, multi-platinum pop powerhouse.
In the time since her entrance into the music world, Aguilera has proven successful in both the English and Latin fields. Aguilera has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including BB King, Brian McKnight, Sting, Ricky Martin and most recently Pink, Mya and Lil Kim on their #1 smash ‘Lady Marmalade.’ Not bad for a 20-year old.
The outlook is very good for her newest record. She has expanded her horizons musically and gained new and excited fans. There’s nowhere for this young and talented beauty to go except up.’
With fans ranging beyond the teen market, Christina has shown that this ‘Genie in a Bottle’ has been released – and is soaring.
‘This (new) record is extremely personal,’ Christina recently told Time magazine. ‘It’s so personal that I feel like people from my past will say ‘Oh my God, she’s singing this to me.’ I have a lot of things to say and a lot of things to let out of me. I feel like I was very confined in that first record to be very pop-driven. I want to be a poet and have a chance to explore that and let people know what’s really on my mind.’
Over all, Christina Aguilera is as overwhelmed as she is thrilled by her enormous success, but she remains reflective and grateful. ‘It’s been quite a roller-coaster ride,’ she laughs, ‘But I think I’ve grown and learned a lot about myself. In this business, it’s often all about hype, record sales, and a crazy schedule of traveling, performances, and it can be easy to get lost in all that. But for me, the greatest thing is being able to interact with fans and touch peoples’ lives. I know that’s a greater accomplishment than selling records. For that I give thanks. I simply love the job I’m doing.’


El Beso Del Final


Oh, oh
Hay en mi corazón una inquietud
Hoy te veo tan distante
Hay algo que me aleja de tu amor
De repente tu cambiaste
Hoy insegura estoy
El estar sin ti, sé que me hará sufrir
1 – Anoche yo sentí, que me besaste diferente
Y me quedé sin saber que hacer
Yo te conozco y se que algo no anda bien
Ven, dime la verdad, no quiero imaginar
Que fue el beso del final
Oh, oh
No sé por qué ha cambiado tu actitud
Ojala que todo sea un error
No quiero comprobar que te perdí
Ni que nuestro amor se acabe
Oigo una voz que se hunde en mí
Que me vuelve a repetir
Lo que no quiero oir
Repeat 1
Hoy insegura estoy
El estar sin ti, sé que me haré sufrir, oh, oh
Repeat 1 (2x)
Que fue el beso del final…


I’ve gone through the rain and cool breezes almost my life, like the same story never end as life is a combination of suffering and happiness but for me it’s just like the worst depression and insanity. I’ve been often asking myself why it is hard to be a simple person.. I try to be optimist and positive but for thousand of reasons transforming my sense and soul be a good devil.

I do agree what mother TERESA said, if you judge people, you have no time to love them and MAHATMA GANDHI’s, Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. In spite of REV. PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN’s I totally disagree of his expression, The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of oneself to others.

From the point of positive view, the main idea of optimistic about something is when you think you are going to give more than to get and you must act as a person who always give away generously everything you owned without expecting even a single piece in return, it’s crazy and it’s silly to me to keep practicing this stupid habit, yes I used to be such a dumped stupid person never existed, I did care and spent most of my time for others, it’s completely nothing and useless things I’ve seen and been through. Though I hated to see other people walked the way I had done, I’m tired to be a helpless counselor who has nonsense ideas teaching nobody because it’s just suck but worst than a disgusting drama I’ve ever seen, it’s a crab tale to tell siblings learning to love each others while the class begun pessimism lesson, greedy, aggressive, jealous, violent and resentful of human being and their endless demanding, those are damaged without expecting happiness from ruining others considered to be a half way winners, but the big achievement of happiness is consequences of success without violence; it can be attained through understanding which the success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. Who’s care..

Why would we care so much of other things? Why some people care so much about hating people? Why pay more attention to gossip, don’t you think you will be next?

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. I do believe ROBERT H. SCHULLER’s, tough times never last, but tough people do.

Gandhi said that An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

You are easier making no question and see a blinded people through one eye of yours but you can never read their mind through your both clearly eyes because countless of their prides are not shown through blinded eyes but the imperfect appearance still be transparent in regard of publicity, the blinded eyes are not as worse as disastrous eyes of some perfect human kind but their imperfect heart isn’t count. They are deserved some silly lessons in the past and never last.


music is being a part of my life. i can be existed for nothingness, i can be filled in emptiness, i can be participated in loneliness. whatever problems come along my way, music ceases to create sadness and little by little dissolving past memories as overcoming stressful moments sometimes. I’m not really a romantic person, sentimental songs make me feel creatively inspired for some reasons I can’t be compromised, i must share old experiences. mostly my writing went well by the time i was very depressed and disappointed. i chose to make things right by expressing feeling on papers where my journal could backup rubbishy mind for not given away things worst than you could have imagined. it’s been to an end because of music stay alive in my dead journal and music is being a reason to survive and leaving those selfless foolish mind.

How to Make Perfume Last Longer

Make Perfume Last Longer

Make Perfume Last Longer

Whether floral, musky or citrusy, perfume is a well-chosen accessory that when worn often enough can become a “signature scent.” So why do some perfumes seem to dissipate instantly? Is arranging faceted bottles on a dresser the best way to store perfume? A fragrance’s composition, your skin type and even sunlight all play a role in how long a perfume lasts, industry experts say. Here are some tips to make perfume last longer.


Instructions                                                                    Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • A scent in the formulation that appeals to you: perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de cologne Moisturizer A dark place at room temperature


  1. Step 1

    Pick your potion. Perfume makers say that pure perfume oils and perfumes made with a high concentration of essential oils last longer than perfumes diluted with ethyl alcohol, water or other substances. In general, the lower concentration of fillers involved, the longer the fragrance lasts. Perfume extract and eau de parfum have the highest concentration of perfume oil; eau de toilette and eau de cologne have the lowest. Manufacturers estimate that the scent of a perfume or parfum can last up to six hours, depending on a wearer’s body chemistry; the scent from eau de toilette and eau de cologne can wear off after about two to four hours.

  2. Step 2

    When applying, consider warmth and moisture. Perfume reacts well to body temperature, so you’ll smell the scent strongest when you apply it to your pulse points—inside the wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees, the back of the neck, in the cleavage. Perfume also clings better to skin that is naturally oily or moist from a shower because of the evaporating properties of the alcohol mixed with many scents. This is why manufacturers make not only perfume but scented body wash, lotion and powder to match. Applying a scent in layers—for instance, using scented body wash followed by lotion and cologne—will make the scent linger. If you don’t want to layer your scent, at least apply perfume or cologne to freshly moisturized skin before you dress.

  3. Step 3

    Store perfume carefully. Manufacturers estimate that the shelf life of a perfume is about three to five years, depending on its ingredients and storage. Extreme light or heat is poison to perfume, because it can change the perfume’s composition or color. Although the bottles look beautiful arranged in on a bedroom vanity, the best storage place for perfume is tucked in its original box and kept at room temperature—perhaps in a sock or underwear drawer. A dark or opaque bottle also will keep the scent longer than a clear one. Cap the bottle tightly, if it’s not a spray, to avoid evaporation. When the perfume smells odd or changes color or consistency, toss it.

Unprepared event

When I have been often asked, why you love to hear a song, AIN’T NO SUNSHINE..
Ain’t no sunshine, ain’t no light when I’m scared and I’m hurt because of depression and disappointment ruin my lonely darkest night and every single day.

When I have been often asked, why you love to hear a song, AIN’T NO SUNSHINE..
Ain’t no sunshine, ain’t no light when I’m scared and I’m hurt because of depression and disappointment ruin my lonely darkest night and every single day.
I’ve been expecting for a miracle to brighten up those lonesome night as well as to cure a misery in mine, she has no where to go and she is crying all alone when she wants so much not emptiness but happiness.
Ain’t no sunshine when she is all alone in her dark closet as the atmosphere shot her down, she is departed and knocking down.. she didn’t say good bye.. I was crying though.

She wished to not be who she is but not a misery ever once again, yet stronger and happier than who she used to be..
I believe you would never say good bye to someone you do love most in life , need a space isn’t that bad suggestion, need not to say doesn’t mean ended forever..
Her tears somehow rolling one by one, endless teardrops happy to come along like a non stop jazz music, one after the others, they’re flowing naturally the way flower blooming when her last breath slowly short and down.. I didn’t see her any longer and her brother is crying next to her body.. she feel nothing, she moved nowhere between left or right but teardrops were still flowing like a song murmuring nearly mid night as half of the next morn and the dawn but unprepared moment .