How to Make Perfume Last Longer

Make Perfume Last Longer

Make Perfume Last Longer

Whether floral, musky or citrusy, perfume is a well-chosen accessory that when worn often enough can become a “signature scent.” So why do some perfumes seem to dissipate instantly? Is arranging faceted bottles on a dresser the best way to store perfume? A fragrance’s composition, your skin type and even sunlight all play a role in how long a perfume lasts, industry experts say. Here are some tips to make perfume last longer.


Instructions                                                                    Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • A scent in the formulation that appeals to you: perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de cologne Moisturizer A dark place at room temperature


  1. Step 1

    Pick your potion. Perfume makers say that pure perfume oils and perfumes made with a high concentration of essential oils last longer than perfumes diluted with ethyl alcohol, water or other substances. In general, the lower concentration of fillers involved, the longer the fragrance lasts. Perfume extract and eau de parfum have the highest concentration of perfume oil; eau de toilette and eau de cologne have the lowest. Manufacturers estimate that the scent of a perfume or parfum can last up to six hours, depending on a wearer’s body chemistry; the scent from eau de toilette and eau de cologne can wear off after about two to four hours.

  2. Step 2

    When applying, consider warmth and moisture. Perfume reacts well to body temperature, so you’ll smell the scent strongest when you apply it to your pulse points—inside the wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees, the back of the neck, in the cleavage. Perfume also clings better to skin that is naturally oily or moist from a shower because of the evaporating properties of the alcohol mixed with many scents. This is why manufacturers make not only perfume but scented body wash, lotion and powder to match. Applying a scent in layers—for instance, using scented body wash followed by lotion and cologne—will make the scent linger. If you don’t want to layer your scent, at least apply perfume or cologne to freshly moisturized skin before you dress.

  3. Step 3

    Store perfume carefully. Manufacturers estimate that the shelf life of a perfume is about three to five years, depending on its ingredients and storage. Extreme light or heat is poison to perfume, because it can change the perfume’s composition or color. Although the bottles look beautiful arranged in on a bedroom vanity, the best storage place for perfume is tucked in its original box and kept at room temperature—perhaps in a sock or underwear drawer. A dark or opaque bottle also will keep the scent longer than a clear one. Cap the bottle tightly, if it’s not a spray, to avoid evaporation. When the perfume smells odd or changes color or consistency, toss it.


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