The sad love story

As I begun to write about A sad love story as I was weeping, and I was trying to wipe off those useless tears that keep rolling down one after another as non stop running tears when the boy came to an old studio where he often came to play the unfinished lyric of guitar. I was crying like a kid waiting for her dad to be back home. My dad will never be home like he used to because he’s changed his destiny.. He can never be the same. Cool breezes bring and recall back my miserable and sadden memories with those running nose and tears, I hate her again…

I’m not sure what type of person who I am but I’m seriously hate myself for being so weak. Why would I always need to put smile on my dummy face each time I go out or anytime I meet people when the heart keep crying quietly as she’s been practicing to be a new person who’s never existed, yet a strongest person like she act one. I don’t want that way and I don’t want to be all alone every single night and days because revolutionary living have made them move on pretty well as I hate those confidences of revolution as I honestly hate myself. I can’t be a right person or wrong one but I never ruin anyone life and I wonder why I still in the same bad position in their eyes. I’m not gonna ask for forgiveness nor sympathy from those who care in my own business. Why people never enough of what they own.

I’m only a simple human be, it is not easy to live a simple life in all darkest nights without optimization of possible reflection.
I’ve only begun thy writing when I’m inspired by one of a very sad love film I’ve ever seen, a series movie, THE SAD LOVE STORY..

To night the film brought me this emotional sensation as I almost forgot how to write things to move further.. But tonight, and I hope I could make a big move with what future would, life goes on and I’ll be fine and survived..
I’m not gonna say that I can’t live without you, I am okay and can live without you,.. I just don’t want to..



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