Shedding tears

DSC01993 She is on her long ride, it’s been 3 hours on the bus alone, it’s raining so hard a long the way. She took out her glance through the bus window on the right hand side and she begun to read email sent from her friend in Vietnam about Health check up result, she happened to shed her tears, by telling silently to herself to be stronger and accept the fact of what truly happening, I hate to see her crying tears, she once again becoming a misery in front of everyone eyes on the bus. They keep their eyes glaring this girl, what is the hell happening to her, her teardrops can’t be hold but rolling down like a river, I wanted to ask her too,

Cry for what?
Does you cry for the medical result?
Does the songs you hear are sad? Made you wanna cry?
Crying doesn’t help to make things right, you can’t see forever, you can’t see her sadness, loneliness, emptiness, and her miserable memories..
The pain she has hold for years and the tears to rain her heart the way you have seen these rainy days. Outside the bus, you can’t stop her tears, either to stop the rain.

Rain and tear is only a story of her shedding tear, I wish I knew why. The more I stop her the more I get hurt, I feel what she feels, let’s alone those crying tears fall as much as they want to, she doesn’t look like a normal person any longer and I don’t look like a strong woman as I used to..

I happened to ask her another question when I didn’t mean to.. The Video song of She will be loved shown on the bus, she is again shedding her tears and I am reminded of an opera film I’ve seen last year, Where elephants weep, I started to cry too, I was trying to wipe her teardrops and she wiped me my tears.. But still shedding tears come..

I wonder should I tell her for all the crazy things I’ve through and I don’t want us to cry and search for an answer, in the world full of strangers but what I’ve found were never real.. Cry no more tears




Some people read your mind, some not, some isn’t worth to picture in your memory, I have only small memory to process my old and poor laptop for a living, I have nothing to attract people to fall in my way what I can do is be who I am and I care so much about what to do for myself not to care so much for others view, so by considered to be selfish what else you are kind of? Why need to tell people you are down to earth person? Why make so much of air pollution around your smelly body? Wearing nice dresses, act so nice.. Behave like you’re not yourself.. Pretending can never last long little kitty, are you a kettle? No no .. Only a dirty doll which give away on the street and that beggar acting so nice to you, Oop…. I am wrong, she is actually not a beggar on the street but a very kind senile and can steal things from others and be brave to offer what you like to satisfy poor brain of the doll on the street, being a stupid and absent mind of the poor doll keep smiling and forget of why she were mercilessly left behind..

She laughs and laughs everyday.. Because she is proud of good moment that beggar can give her, no one love her the way she is loved.. The beggar dare to starve but to feed the doll their foods.. Can’t blame because she is only a doll that I threw away and pray not to see again, the doll is only a doll not a devil but I am scared of doll after I’ve seen an American movie about the horrible doll..

I hope the doll and the beggar love each other to die until the each side going to the hell or jail, do you think the doll will always be with the beggar even in the jail? Even the doll knew that beggar steals other people property, although the foods she has been eating everyday are stolen .. What a pity beggar and what a silly doll..

It doesn’t make sense to express your feeling on paper, don’t you have friend to bare your stuff? most important is to be honest to your feeling and choosing what is right and what is not to wrong others, no matter they like you or not, up to them. DON’T BEHAVE LIKE THE DOLL if you a real person to live on earth.
Can’t blame because she is only a smelly dirty doll.. her cheapest attitude compiles and impacts her future the way she would be deserved to..

But she has one thing is good for people besides stubbornness is her SILENCE.
Silence is often count on people but it’s not count on me because I hate silence of humankind

No Duty for Rice to EU; Challenges Remain

No Duty for Rice to EU; Challenges Remain

By Ros Sothea, VOA Khmer
Original report from Phnom Penh
09 September 2009

The European Union began a deal this month to allow Cambodian rice to be imported duty-free, but many challenges remain before Cambodia can be a powerhouse rice producer.

The deal would open a market of 500 million people from 27 countries and “provide a price incentive for European importers to import the product from Cambodia,” said Rafael Dochao Moreno, Charge d’Affaires of the European Commission in Cambodia.

“So by providing this zero-duty entry for Cambodian rice, we are promoting Cambodia’s development, especially in the sector of rice production.”

The duty-free status for Cambodian rice is part of the EU’s “Everything But Arms” initiative, which was established in 2001 and gives preferences on all goods, except weapons, entering the EU from 50 least-developed countries.

Moreno said the very last product to become duty free will be sugar, which will be covered from Oct. 1. From that date onward, all products exported from Cambodia to the EU will be duty free, unlike Thailand and Vietnam, which are ineligible for the initiative.

Cambodia’s rice export pales in comparison to its neighbors and other countries. According to US figures, Cambodian rice export was around 500,000 tons in 2008, compared to 10 million tons from Thailand and 4 million tons from Vietnam.

Of 2008 rice exports for Cambodia, only 2,700 tons reached the EU, for a value of $2 million.

Nevertheless, Agriculture Minister Chan Sarun welcomed the duty-free status. “It will benefit our farmers, who are producing rice for export to the EU,” he said, adding that he hoped exports would increase with the new status.

However, challenges remain. Cambodian farmers need to improve the value chain, upgrade milling equipment, create standards for the rice market and enhance market prospects, Moreno said.

Without these improvements,Cambodia will likely benefit little from duty-free status, said Chan Sophal an agricultural economist.

“I expect that rice exports will increase to the EU, but not much, because we still face shortages of better mills,” he said. High costs for export and small ships at Cambodia’s ports are further challenges, he said.

Exporters were optimistic, however.

“Before, there were some brokers who wanted to export rice from our country, but the negotiation always failed, due to high costs of exporting,” said Kim Savuth, president of the Khmer Food company. “But now that is not a problem, because we are duty free. So compared to neighboring countries, rice exported from Cambodia is cheaper.”

He acknowledged that some exporters were not confident with the quality of Cambodian rice.

Phou Puy, president of the Rice Milling Federation of Cambodia, said quality would not be a concern, as a new mill of international quality would start operation at the end of the year. More and more mills will follow, he said, but a main challenge would continue to be a shortage of money to buy un-milled rice from farmers.

Sun Kunthor, president of the State Development Bank, said the government will provide an $18 million package for loan disbursement to rice mills between 2009 and 2010, enough to buy 90,000 tons of un-milled rice.

Cambodia has a total 3 million hectares of agricultural land, and 80 percent of the population depends on agriculture. Vast tracts of land are still underdeveloped.

US: Textile groups call for action against China

5 October 2009 | Source:

US textile groups are again urging the US government to take action against what they describe as China’s "predatory trade practices," warning that its economic security is at risk if it fails to do so.

"The US government should cite China as a currency manipulator and should support legislation that allows US industry to defend itself and its workers against this predatory practice," said Cass Johnson, president of the National Council of Textile Organization (NCTO).

His remarks were made in a testimony on Friday (2 October) before an interagency group examining China’s trade policy and adherence to the commitments it made when it joined the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Johnson added: "China’s use of its currency as an economic weapon is the single largest export subsidy that China gives to its export sector."

Other steps that should be taken by the Obama Administration, he said, include condemning Chinese actions to boost exports, including export tax rebates.

The government should also develop a public database of China’s laws, rules and regulations that favour China’s industrial sectors so that it can fully understand the Chinese system.

The textile groups also want to see monitoring of textile and apparel exports from China.

CAMBODIA: Garment exports fall 18% in H1


20 August 2009 | Source:

Cambodia’s textile and garment exports continued to fall during the first half this year as the country was hit by both the global economic crisis and its internal instability.

According to a statistics released by Cambodian Commerce Ministry, textile and garment exports fell 18% year-on-year to US$1.27bn.

Shipments to most major markets tumbled, including the US – its largest export customer – down 30%, Canada down 13% and the EU down 5% in comparison with the same period last year.

As well as the global economic crisis, which has led retailers and importers to rein in their buying, Cambodia’s industry has struggled with internal unrest, including strikes and demonstrations, customs inefficiencies, a poorly trained workforce, and the high price of electricity. 

The Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC) is worried that Cambodian textile and garment products are now more expensive than key competitors like China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

And it fears this is why products have been losing market share in the US and EU.
Local experts, however, suggest Cambodian exporters have not made the most of benefits under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) and Most Favoured Nation (MFN) programs. 
Around 100 textile and garment factories have closed their doors due to a lack of export orders, the Cambodian Labour Confederation currently reports.

And earlier this month, the Commerce Ministry estimated that textile and garment exports will fall by 30% in 2009.

What you don’t know

What you don’t know

What you don’t know
Is that your scars are beautiful
What you don’t know
Is your imperfections are what make me whole
What you don’t know
Is how I spiral down
Cause I can’t speak whenever you’re around

And it’s not like me to hide behind a wall
And it’s not like me to fear the fall.

What you don’t know
Is that I lie awake
Wishing you were here tonight
What you don’t know is
that I loved you long before we were alive
Cause how would you know, how could you know
So now I’m gonna tell you everything

What you don’t know
I have studied the way you walk
What you don’t know
Is I’ve already kissed you in the shadows of my heart
What you don’t know
Is that you’re poetry
If you turn around there’s someone you won’t see

And it’s not like me to hide behind a wall

What you don’t know
is that I lie awake
Wishing you were here tonight
What you don’t know
Is that I loved you long before we were alive
But how would you know, how could you know?
So now I’m gonna tell you everything

What you don’t know
What you don’t know

What you don’t know
Is when the moon and the sun collide
The morning comes this time I won’t be afraid to try

What you don’t know
is that I lie awake
Wishing you were here tonight
What you don’t know
That I loved you long before we were alive
But how would you know, how could you know?
So now I’m gonna tell you everything

What you don’t know
What you don’t know


To my Beloved, nothing_toxic

I don’t mind at all that you are a busy bee! I want you to take care of business first. That is family, friends and your work place etc… it’s your priority! So take care of it first. I am just a misery to you whenever you have time hit me up! That is a slang word meaning get in touch with me. If you don’t know I’m pretty sure you do! Anyways I’m not expecting for you to be there for me every single day and night. I understand that you have a lot to get done. It is good to hear that you like everything that you do in your role because of me, I’m thankful for that! If I could help you get through the dark cloud that is getting in your way I will! Even though it is complicated for you right now. I’m sure you’ll do just fine, I have faith in you.

I know that I don’t know that much about you and your true feelings. If I remind you of someone in the past, let that feeling always be with you…with me! I like the way you are and who you are? I have this CHEMISTRY that I have for you from the start. I can’t recall how I end up falling into your perfection! And yes, it’s a dream! If you are a dreamer! I hope that you don’t want to wake up from your dream and not seeing him there lying next to you. I’m SORRY to put you through this! I’ve read your recently writing from you! INNUMERABLE of times! At countless nights and days even when I’m taking a shower! No need for me to take the paper that I print out for myself to take it with me to everywhere I go! It’s already been memorize in my head. Silly me! And yes, it is easy to love someone that you never knew! Better than someone that you used to know, am I right or wrong? It’s like a dream! Imagine this in a dream, when I stand in a wall full of mirrors all around me and there you were standing face to face with me. “picture this In your head” when I see you I put both of my palm up against the mirror with your palm the only thing that kept us from being together is the wall of mirror between us two! That I can’t get through to you! If only I could walk through the mirror I will! Just to be there with you not just one night but every night when I’m dreaming of you. I want to look at you in the eye and embrace myself to you with my arms wrap around you and my lusted lips touching yours with our eyes close! This is my LASCIVIOUS dream that I have for you! I hope it’s yours too! If you feeling me the way I feel about you! It’s just a dream! Whenever I think of you and read your letter it felt like I have a butterfly in my stomach!

What is the story behind Sakura and Hokkaido please explain it to me I don’t get it! You must of watch too many Japanese and Chinese movies I bet huh! Anyways, let me used Sakura and Hokkaido in my writing to see if you get it or not! I’m sure you will!

If Sakura decide to leave her from her misery whenever Hokkaido take her away from him and I will always know that he’ll be missing her very much. If Sakura can’t have her, there is no point of living to see Hokkaido has taken her away from him. If she doesn’t hear from him within six months to a year, he is in HEAVEN! He is no longer existed in the face of the earth. Whenever you think of him just look up to sky with a smile and he’ll smile back at you down from heaven! He’ll be waiting for you in heaven’s gate. When it’s your time to departure, it’s just like being at the airport waiting for your arrival. And he’ll be holding a sign saying I’m here for non-toxic! Then you’ll know that for all those time we’ve finally meet each other for the very first time in heaven. This letter is from Sakura the person that you never knew! Who’s longing to be with someone like you!

The video song “what you don’t know” this is my dedication to you! It will remind me of you! I promise you that! There will be no other. It has that meaning between me and you. I hope you are not dropping tears as you read my letter sent dearly to you from afar. I got the feeling that you will! It is sad to see Sakura has died not knowing that he did! Knowing that his soul is still alive but was unable to communicate to his beloved! So all he could do is watch her suffers the pain that she’s going through without him around to give her comfort and a shoulder to cry on! It is so sad, I guess I have to stop here for right now it is making me shedding endless tears again. I want you to take a good look at the video and figure it out on your own.

I want to say that I like you! I don’t want to say that I love you because it will not last forever, if it’s not really there! I rather say farewell instead of goodbye because saying goodbye only want to make me cry! And if I do say goodbye I will never going to see you or hear from you ever again! That’s the true meaning of goodbye!

I hope you like every letter that I wrote to you. If my writing is not emotional to you please disregard every letter that I’d sent to you! I want you to print it out on a piece of paper to take it with you to read to everywhere you go, read it when you’re bored or when you thinking of someone like me! I might not be around any longer, I feel like giving up in life, if you know what mean! I’d already express it in my writing. You should figure it out what I’m writing about! Before I go to Heaven I want to post my picture for you see, I don’t look like a normal person that you imagine me to be! I’m not that decent, I don’t fit the description of my role of course as you describe me as. Like they say don’t judge the book by its cover! You’ll never know what you’ll find until you open it up! I hope my looks don’t frighten you! I might be an ugly duckling but I have a good heart! So please don’t laugh at me! If you do decide to laugh please laugh silently and not me letting me hear your laugh!

From your beloved, misery forever yours! And take care……. I will be missing you dearly………………………too eternity!