Some people read your mind, some not, some isn’t worth to picture in your memory, I have only small memory to process my old and poor laptop for a living, I have nothing to attract people to fall in my way what I can do is be who I am and I care so much about what to do for myself not to care so much for others view, so by considered to be selfish what else you are kind of? Why need to tell people you are down to earth person? Why make so much of air pollution around your smelly body? Wearing nice dresses, act so nice.. Behave like you’re not yourself.. Pretending can never last long little kitty, are you a kettle? No no .. Only a dirty doll which give away on the street and that beggar acting so nice to you, Oop…. I am wrong, she is actually not a beggar on the street but a very kind senile and can steal things from others and be brave to offer what you like to satisfy poor brain of the doll on the street, being a stupid and absent mind of the poor doll keep smiling and forget of why she were mercilessly left behind..

She laughs and laughs everyday.. Because she is proud of good moment that beggar can give her, no one love her the way she is loved.. The beggar dare to starve but to feed the doll their foods.. Can’t blame because she is only a doll that I threw away and pray not to see again, the doll is only a doll not a devil but I am scared of doll after I’ve seen an American movie about the horrible doll..

I hope the doll and the beggar love each other to die until the each side going to the hell or jail, do you think the doll will always be with the beggar even in the jail? Even the doll knew that beggar steals other people property, although the foods she has been eating everyday are stolen .. What a pity beggar and what a silly doll..

It doesn’t make sense to express your feeling on paper, don’t you have friend to bare your stuff? most important is to be honest to your feeling and choosing what is right and what is not to wrong others, no matter they like you or not, up to them. DON’T BEHAVE LIKE THE DOLL if you a real person to live on earth.
Can’t blame because she is only a smelly dirty doll.. her cheapest attitude compiles and impacts her future the way she would be deserved to..

But she has one thing is good for people besides stubbornness is her SILENCE.
Silence is often count on people but it’s not count on me because I hate silence of humankind


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