Shedding tears

DSC01993 She is on her long ride, it’s been 3 hours on the bus alone, it’s raining so hard a long the way. She took out her glance through the bus window on the right hand side and she begun to read email sent from her friend in Vietnam about Health check up result, she happened to shed her tears, by telling silently to herself to be stronger and accept the fact of what truly happening, I hate to see her crying tears, she once again becoming a misery in front of everyone eyes on the bus. They keep their eyes glaring this girl, what is the hell happening to her, her teardrops can’t be hold but rolling down like a river, I wanted to ask her too,

Cry for what?
Does you cry for the medical result?
Does the songs you hear are sad? Made you wanna cry?
Crying doesn’t help to make things right, you can’t see forever, you can’t see her sadness, loneliness, emptiness, and her miserable memories..
The pain she has hold for years and the tears to rain her heart the way you have seen these rainy days. Outside the bus, you can’t stop her tears, either to stop the rain.

Rain and tear is only a story of her shedding tear, I wish I knew why. The more I stop her the more I get hurt, I feel what she feels, let’s alone those crying tears fall as much as they want to, she doesn’t look like a normal person any longer and I don’t look like a strong woman as I used to..

I happened to ask her another question when I didn’t mean to.. The Video song of She will be loved shown on the bus, she is again shedding her tears and I am reminded of an opera film I’ve seen last year, Where elephants weep, I started to cry too, I was trying to wipe her teardrops and she wiped me my tears.. But still shedding tears come..

I wonder should I tell her for all the crazy things I’ve through and I don’t want us to cry and search for an answer, in the world full of strangers but what I’ve found were never real.. Cry no more tears


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