A touching letter..

Dear, my beloved one

I want to tell you that you are sophisticated to what you do in your character. I seeing a bright future in you, I picture your smile in my mind, it put a smile on my face to know that you are happy with your life and leave all your worries behind and not let love afflict you in some way. I act like I know you well, but I don’t I’m just guessing. It is my compliment that I have for you and I hope you willing to accept it! I know that you are too tied up at your work place and all. I respect that! And I hope that you are doing good and smiling, and that’s all that I want to see and hear from you! There is something that I want to tell you, that I kept it inside of me for so long. Is that I like you that part you’ve already know, but what you don’t know is….Well I can’t explain it to you now it’s for me to know and for you to find out! That word I kept it locked inside my heart that no one has the keys to open it up, beside me! If I decide to hand you the keys is when I have everything for you like a beautiful large house, luxury cars like Mercedes benz, BMW etc.., and a picture perfect of our own beautiful family.  Before that ever happen; first I must get down on my knees and ask for your hand, if the answer is yes I will slip a shining diamond ring into your finger. “giggling” I make it seems so realistic “giggling”. But here comes the sad news, I’m not that man who is affluent, all I have is my lonely healthy heart that is still beating every second until the moment comes I know it will miss a beat because of heartbroken! I’m not trying to inveigle you to fall in love with me it’s something for you to decide for yourself! I don’t want to deceive you in anyway.  And until now, I don’t even know your true feelings!  To tell you the truth you’re the only one that caught my attention when I first sign up for myspace. That I never knew about. I’m not that type to go on the computer to look for women or chat with them online, to me that is just a waste of my time and money, and beside I don’t know who I really talking too it might not be a beautiful women “giggling” I have to use good judgment not to fall for some rubbish stuff like that. Rubbish, Rubbish, I can’t believe that there are people out there who are doing that, well that’s not me so what the hell I care! Right!……. Right! I am one unique person as you can see! I only use the computer for education and knowledge.

Because I’m so far away from the people that I know I decided to sign up for myspace to keep in touch with my cousins, nephews, nieces , brother’s and friends! And especially you! Laughing out loud! Anyways back to me and you, if I decided to wait for you or is it the other way around “giggling”  well I’m going to be a single man for the rest of my life, because when I have my heart for someone that I’m longing to be with, I stick to that one for the rest of my life, until she can’t wait for me any longer, and that’s when I know for sure that there is no one else that I’m willing to be with. I know it! I’m going to be a lonely man for the rest of my life. I’m not that easy to fall in love with someone else that I see! If I’ve already have my heart set for someone and that someone is you! “giggling” I been wanting to say out these words for so long now. I have been open to you and you seem to diverge from me. Let me know how you feel! Tell me straight out and not put it in any way that causes confusion for me!

I haven’t been myself lately since that night that nearly got me kill or badly beaten. I felt like the world is against me and that make me mad at the world. I will never want to remember that day ever! Thinking of It I remember that you said, if my memory isn’t that bad! It is embarrassing and shameful, only a fool who share his story in public, how embarrassing!  Well that’s when I didn’t post my photo for everyone to see yet and I didn’t care then! I told myself when I do I will delete it from my blog as you can see it’s not in my blog anymore.  I feel so embarrass when I think of it and Thank to you!  Without you saying that I will never notice it! I would still be a fool until now not know that there are people out there laughing their ass off at me behind my back! (giggling) and that laugh is not something that I should be proud of! “ It Is an INSULT” am I right, RIGHT! Laughing! That’s why I need someone like you to tell me those things, for me to keep my pride in high standard and never let anyone look down on you. You know way better than me because a lady is good at those things! Giggling! I’m just that man that only know what a man suppose to do, Is to take care, protect his family from harm and work hard to feed his family. For a women is to manage everything around the house and make good choices for the family. That’s why a man need a woman in his life, without a woman in his life he’ll be making bad choices in his life and regret it later. Wishing that he had a woman that he loves to be there for him, maybe he’ll never suffer the consequences that he is suffering now.

I have a warrior’s heart and pride, Afraid to fall in love and not to die. Scared that his reputation might be ruin by a woman. No matter what every man kind need to fall in love, no matter how tough and a great of a warrior I am. A warrior might not be afraid of dying just to protect his village and people, but a warrior must not be weak when falling in love or else he’ll end up losing his life and the battle, and that’s how I feel.

Here is a poem for you to read before I end this letter!

Love can be touch just one time and last a lifetime and never let go until thy end. Love was once when I left you that one true moment that I can’t hold on too…. In my dream my life will go on near or far I believe that the heart does go on. Once more you open the door for me and when you’re here with me my heart will go on and on. Whenever you’re here there’s nothing that I could fear and that’s when I know that our heart stood still and we’ll stay forever that way. Just remember you are safe in my heart even when the distance seems to keep on getting longer and longer! Well find away to make it shorter one day!

From your misery man!

Always will


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