I met this girl name Vorleak, she is one unique person that I ever met. She is very sophisticated to somewhat enthusiast and very intellectual by her explanation that she express. Her writing admire me spontaneously! I find it to be very impressive and fascinating. I hope she find the time and energy to write more because I want to rectify myself in my writing to impress her as much she impressed me. I have finally found someone who have mutual interest in each other and I find that to be very romantic and enthusiastically. The only problem that we have is the distance between us that entirety Heartbreaking. She is my love and only one who I’m longing to be with for the rest of my life! It is like the tale sad love story that never ends! As much as I want to be there with her and to comfort her for the lost time that we haven’t had together. I just want us to be back together to see Hokkaido season bloom, but I just don’t have the ambition to do so, because of my recreant emotional heart. All I got to do now is to let Karma find its way back to me. 

This is my remarks about what I have read about her. Her Biographies and Poetries writing ETC… admire me! How can I not resisted myself from reading it. I enjoy her inspiration, it is remarkable and extraordinary, I love it!
                             VORLEAK THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE!

    You are optimistic and hopeful by nature; you are both pragmatic and a romantic at the same time. Your are impulsive and sometimes take risks when you take that chance of pulling it off.   Outweigh the possible failure!……..!……..! You are passionate and proud; you stand very firmly on issues that you truly believe in. Unrelentless and driven; you are willing to work very hard when you have to. While not an angry person by nature, you can be hot-tempered when things aren’t going your way!…..!….! You are driven and focused; you know what you want in life and importantly you know how to get it. You always been striving in hard work and perfectionist, you understand that there is no substitute to hard work in life!….!…..! You are bright and cheerful ; you are always smiling and add a smile to the face of all those that know you. Chirpy and talkative for the most part, you are outgoing, social and extroverted, a largely happy person on both outside and the inside – may you always remain the same!…!…! You are a complete paradox as a person – innocent yet experienced; fragile, yet strong on the inside; normal yet unique; creative, yet organized; optimistic, yet realistic! Certainly a very interesting person, you possess several qualities that people often thought were mutually exclusive. Enterprising and creative; you see things that most people fail to even dream about, you see the world from a unique perspective and that gives you a natural advantage in most regards. Talented to be the point of being almost prodigal, one can only hope that you utilize your talent and make something great of your life. YOu are who you are! if you can believe in one thing that could change your ways in life there’s other things to believe in that can change your way of life, all you got to do is strive!
Cute and Charming as I prefer to thy beautiful picture of her and her friends! You are immensely popular and well liked by all those around you. Bubbly and vivacious, you are the life of the party and everyone wants to be like you! I can imagine that you are so impulsive and unpredictable person that I ever could of imagine! You are awesome to be around as no one knows what exactly to be expect! You kept your friends guessing including me (LOL) and entertained with your unique perspective on everything around you! Different in every sense of the word! you are so widely loved and respected! Keep up the good work Chanvorleak!, ,!


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