Feeling is mutual — for him

Imacon Color Scanner

Needless to say, but my heart is
beating your name, my mind is
keeping your image, my soul is
linking your sense and our feeling
is remaining connected.

I undoubtedly tell…

When you need no saying,
my physical body is swaying.
When you tell me nothing,
I feel a countless meaning.

When you talk with no voice,
but I heard more than words.
I don’t like to show, and
you don’t want to say..

But we know exactly what we
desirably yearn everyday..
Without a single word,
present an un-voiced talk,
showing no gesture…

Whatever, wherever, whenever
We definitely think of each other
We walk the friendship go further
We demand for being together

Do you know why?

I have no one and I have known you…
Your persistence underneath my skin,
Once our feeling is mutual.


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