Sky So Blue (Laughter and Tears)

Sky So Blue (Laughter and Tears)

Loosing all that was you
yet your soul remains untouched
with white angels bringing you up
into the sky so blue

Memories that have been forgotten
come swelling up, making you choke
everything that’s ever happened to you
is now right before your eyes

Laughter and screams and dreams held dear
fade away to nothing
it’s all gone now
you are only left with remorse

As it is hard to welcome change
so is it to relinquish your fear
but you’re in safe and sound place now
only light will be around you

Weeping over your fate and
what it was to live
as you fade back into memories
and the sky so blue.

Dedicated to toxic_girl

November 22nd, 2004 6:58pm


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