How to handle an argument

People cannot always be of the same opinion and that holds true for professional life as well.
Colleagues having different views is very much part and parcel of everyday working life.
What is the best way of conducting an argument when people have different opinions?
Is it true to say that “anyone who raises their voice is in the wrong”?
The following tips may help to calm things down if you get into an argument

1. Always try to reach a consensus – rather than win the argument – if people have different views

2. Avoid polarization and do not insist on your point of view

3. Be open to other people’s opinions

4. Resist any temptation to get into rivalry games and avoid dominant behavior

5. Express your point of view openly and clearly

6. Pay attention to what the other person is saying

7. Remain calm and never raise your voice

8. Articulate your view objectively and avoid making personal remarks

Although it might be difficult on occasion, remain calm at all times.

If it is proving difficult to reach agreement, you may be able to take the heat out of many an argument by saying something like: “I’m afraid we will have to agree to disagree on this point. Could we perhaps agree on the following compromise…?”

When involved in an argument, try, if possible, to avoid negative phrases like: “That’s not possible” or “That’s not true” and negative words such as “no”, “wrong” or “on the contrary”.

It is better to use terms that underline what you have in common, such as “and”, “we”, “likewise”, “gladly”. That keeps relations on a good footing, even in difficult discussions.


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