Unforgettable moment

SAP Sales & Product Conference in Phuket (24-25 March)

Need no explanation, without my presence for awhile, I believe these portraits would clearly explained. I wish all my best friends don’t mind about my silence.

Specially, Thanh my friend, thank for your good plan of our friend reunion, the wonderful trip in Phuket which I may not be able to join our team as we used to have. As you may be very aware that I got married with my new life almost a year, I don’t have much luck to stay in touch very often to everyone and I hope you guys would understand that I always treasure our moments and never forget them at all. No matter what happens, wherever I go, you guys are with me to stay under my skin and to give me guts.

I know for sure that I do love my current role and I’m absolutely inspired to meet all successful people down to earth. I’m appreciated their great support toward my country, I trust Cambodia is even more happier and appreciated for these supportive communities from respective region. Not only SAP, but EURO team, I’m very much grateful for your huge contribution and co-operation.

I’ve been waiting for so long to be a part of Cambodia, where my small entity does matter to this lovely country. Words can never describe the depth of my heart. However, I pray everyday to recall the memory back to the real world of golden era . I’m so excited and impressed to have seen the difference and I had a full strength to stand for HER. I believe deep down in my heart, she gave me amazing courage, idealistic power, and pride to be proud of. To think of her the way I’ve thought of a woman who has faced a lot of hardest and darkest in her entire life. She has no real smile, she has done so many things scarified to her kids. I’m one of hers, I was raised up and given priceless property where I belong to this unique world. No doubt, or no one else, but her, my only mother, though I’ve been truly inspired to bring up a new chapter in life. I have nothing just now, I have only one heart to stand for my solid role, anything else?? yeah… I have dreams, I remember few of them the way I got message from the man down to earth:

Getting in Shape for Growth, Now we have to accelerate, our growth with a change in mindset! Make money. Respect. Have Fun…

Million thank to KH team for all best co-operation and teamwork support!!


I’m so excited, thank to this nice shot 🙂

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Thank to a great moment with my great women 🙂

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With the man down to earth

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Another moment to remember..

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Thank to Cambodian team, specially to my OFR team for the hardest job in 2009.

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My admirable woman With my angel..

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The woman of my dream, a amazing women and a man down to earth.


DHL-194 DHL-184

Dinner_003_24-03-10-20-14-44 Dinner_007_24-03-10-20-15-41Dinner_006_24-03-10-20-15-25 Dinner_005_24-03-10-20-15-08Dinner_004_24-03-10-20-14-56