I hate her now..

I hate her is the same old song, nothing make she felt alright. The emptiness can’t be filled and suffering can’t be melt. I just don’t understand why people can’t live simple lives? why would bother about others? people are usually care so much about other views.. for me I don’t care at all, as long as I can live a happier life with the one I can be with forever.

It’s so complicated to live just simple lives, and worse than that.. the more she wants and concentrates on.. in contrast it practically turned out the odds.. that is the more take her close to the point of getting defeated. Not sure why it is such a mess?? so mean, so cruel… I don’t expect any fancy things, I don’t have any expectation neither nor special requirement, why the same old song make she cried her tear again tonight, I knew it… I knew you may laugh by the time her tear rolling down, I had no choice, it’s useless weeping tear, no other better solution to hold this silly teardrops. Though, just let it flow, let’s go and roll down one by one, don’t want to stop it any longer. I only hope tomorrow gonna bring her another better day. I wanted her to be stronger, have more confident and be who she is the best she could do to struggle life, let’s stand her up and cheer this lonely night. She has no one just now, only the crying tear would keep her away from this darkest side of lonesome world. I wish she were someone else I never knew before and now. If I could turn back the time, I would do whatever to stay far away from this world.  I hate her now.. 


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