Her wishes..

I hate her

wishes that She has expected and would wish to see to granted very quickly:

to live in love, friendship and happiness
to solve all problems
to give happiness those she loves
to possess a beautiful, big house for her family
to travel, to take vacations
to start an amusing, absorbing hobby
to start a new business which is very successful
to see those that she loves succeed
to make new friends and develop new relationships
to get married and to have a family
to have more control and more optimism in her life
to bring good fortune to those that she loves
to discover the ‘true love’ of her life
that her love returns to her
and she stays in love for ever
to become a simple someone

that her children get good grades and are happy
to have more good luck in her life
to succeed in everything that you undertake
to inspire in others admiration and respect…


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