Quiters never win, winners never quit

Why it has to be what was not supposed to? Ain’t you have faith in yourself? Faith will move mountains as wise man said…

I’ve been a very weaker for years and always stay in the ocean of tears. I like to cry myself like a river. It’s not easy to make things all up just one day or 10 years. We gotta learn to fail lessons, failures and experiences of downturn make your spirit stronger. If you love someone, you gonna learn to let them go and you have to accept whatever facts, which truly affect your heart and soul. As a matter of fact, I’m not a successful person, yet a misery.. although, you’re someone inspired me in many meaningful way.

I’ve wished for years if you were someone that I long for, and help me through all those sadness, loneliness, emptiness and darkest night, to grow our mutual spirit together. Trust we will make the best ever than the rest. Thank for the good moment we have dreamt of, would treasure somewhere in Hokkaido together one day, not one upon the time..


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