CEO Awards

Rewarding the very best

New categories for the CEO Awards

Every year, CEO Frank Appel honors extraordinary projects that have been of particular benefit to the company’s success with the CEO Awards. These recognize the committed employees or entire teams who are behind these projects – and reward their impressive contribution.

CEO AwardsTo expand the range of projects covered, the CEO Awards concept has been revised. The four new categories are now closely linked to the core objectives of Strategy 2015. They are ‘Provider of Choice’, ‘Investment of Choice’, ‘Employer of Choice’ and ‘Living Responsibility’.

Jury panels made up of members of top management assess the applications and nominate a winning project for each category. Frank Appel will present the awards in March 2011 at the Top Executive Council meeting.

In the ‘Provider of Choice’ category, projects are rewarded which have noticeably promoted growth in the company and increased customer satisfaction. The jury panel for this category is made up from members of the Global Commercial Board.

The Finance Board assesses candidates in the ‘Investment of Choice’ category, choosing a project which has particularly improved the financial strength of the Group.

Projects which have raised employee participation are rewarded in the ‘Employer of Choice’ category. The HR Council selects the winner in this category.

The fourth category, ‘Living Responsibility’ recognizes outstanding contributions in the GoGreen, GoHelp and GoTeach programs as well as participation in local community investment projects. The jury panel consists of members of the Board of Management. The former ‘Corporate Responsibility Award’ has been integrated into this category. Now, we have set up the Living Responsibility Fund to continue providing financial support to local social projects in the future. Further information can be found in the Living Responsibility Fund Intranet Special.

In the selection process for the CEO Awards the following criteria are also taken into consideration:

  • Teamwork
  • Cross-divisional co-operation
  • Sustainable impact
  • Adaptability
  • Use of First Choice methodology

The application process differs between divisions and roles. You can receive specific information from your divisional or functional unit. If you have further questions, please mail to


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