My inspiring places

My inspiring placeWhen I composed those written lines, I was conscious of being inspired by idealistic spiritual guys who have been read and stored in historical memories.

They are my inspiration, both mentality and physically. You should have been convinced to do something good for your future, first you gotta get your mind inspired and occupied to the simple things you do everyday. Be an active role to please the one you love, but never forget about how to reach your goal and achievements.

Life is tough, but interesting if you know how to balance between optimistic & pessimistic.

I’ve been learning for years, to find way to myself, to whom deserved to be and to be who I wanna be… Ain’t easy as you type, ain’t no sunshine when you forget who you are.

Talking to myself and feeling odd, sometimes I like to quit, nothing’s ever seemed to fit. Rainy days always get me down…

I tell poets that when a line just floats into your head, don’t pay attention cause it probably has floated into somebody else’s head..

I’ve been asked constantly through my fan feedback, they read my rubbishy stuff. I’m honestly appreciated for those who care and wanna share your sentiment with me. It’s not a big deal to make sense of whatever expression you wanna make to the publicity. Let’s find who exactly you are and why are you here?? you are here for me and I’ve been here for you..

To write your feeling down to the simple screen is the most enjoyable moment to overcome loneliness and stressful circumstance come to your way, or my way??

They say she is a dead poet, she has been crazily being hidden, invisible, disappeared, departed..

I wish to write longer tonight because I’ve done almost things I’ve planned. I must jump to hit my bed now… don’t want to hear the same question “When are you stop playing that nonsense stuff and rush to sleep? since you gotta wake up early in the morning to see the sunshine” said my mom.. don’t ever tell her, she is snoring.. lolz

Smile to the sun in every early morning, because the sunshine will make your teeth stronger and whiter 🙂 is it true??

Let’s do it, and smile (^_^)

Good night all my friends @@

My inspiring place


3 thoughts on “My inspiring places

  1. I am inspired too after reading this article. It’s beautiful writing. It’s always a pleasure to see one’s smile or laugh. People say laughter is the world language. Let’s smile 😀

  2. I love the way you express the comment : you guys gave me big smile these days… I think I like to keep smiling no matter what or in any circumstance, I believe laugher creat longervity and make your teeth stronger and whiter.. lolz 🙂

    You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.

    Wish you a chocolate night !!

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