A miserable thought

To think about today, she is a misery
To recall the past, she is blinded
To sit back and ponder about the miserable memory,
She could not stand out of the sea of her teardrops.
I want her to be stronger from time to time, I wake her up every single day and teach her the same old lesson.
Wake up with teardrops stained on her pillow and sleep with rolling tears.
What else you can do to stand her up, cheer her day, make her smiling face.
She has to make her fake day happy while she can’t find way back to herself.
Reflection of the sadness never fadeaway, suffering never melt
Disappointment attracts lonesome night.
Frustration attracts weeping tears.
Hopelessness attracts sorrowful sense.
I just don’t know how to stop her crying tears…


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