Another teardrops

It just like another day,
it just like another routine,
it just like another teardrops,

Disappointment and stress is the same old song,
Teardrops are friends of frustration
Loneliness is a friend of emptiness
Sadness is a friend of hopeless

It’s been scary starry night along darkest night, coming home after a long tiring day as another day I practice my routine. Get up, brush teeth, take shower, go to class, have breakfast, go to work, deal problems, satisfy people, get conflict, get upset, get hurt, negotiate, escalate, finish work, go to class, get back home…

Each event repeatedly happens again and again, but tonight it’s different :
After class, get home, enter bedroom, my messy bedroom turned different, it looks tidy and clean, a green plant paced on my desk and another green plant placed next to my bed, and books on the bed were put at the right place. Teardrops start the same role play, they begun to flow like a river, one after another drop, asking why the messy room change the way they used to look… Can anyone tell me?? Why things place different position??

Teardrops recall the memories, I knew I’ve done miserably job for years to the one I’ve loved and respected more than anything else in the world.

Teardrops begun rolling and asked each others, let’s me fade away first, let’s me go first, let’s me leave this dumped cheeks, let’s me disappear..

Where the elephants weep is not where she was weeping. I was reminded every single childhood memories and the Christmas gift, lovely sentimental songs, song lyric book, Chocolate, sweetly words, and many unforgettable stuff I was given…

Where those stuff gone?? But remained loneliness and emptiness, by having no one to share, no one to care, no one to wipe this painful fear with that sadden tear. Let’s them flow, let’s them go..

It’s another teardrop to bring thy sorrowful lines.

Phnom Penh, 14 January, 2011 by NT


I think I may become the rain

You told me to be happy as though nothing was wrong

Watching your back and you mercilessly walked away

I prayed you wouldn’t cry or blame because of me


If I see the falling tears, I can’t leave, I can’t let you go,

but  because the rain was still falling again, it was okay,

because I couldn’t see your tears again, it was okay,

because it was okay, I couldn’t hold you back.


because the rain that could erase the painful miserable

memories in your flawless heart was falling down

because your dumpy heart was crying,

because the rain was still falling down,


because I loved you, I couldn’t hold you back

to embrace your sadness in your clear and gentle life

I think I may become the rain… and don’t want to see

that non-stop falling tears, weeping closely to fear…


but then again a falling rain,  I was alone standing

there, where you enjoyed the winter snow, for another

new year begun… empty darkest nights fill my dreams.

I think I may become the rain… 

 Mui Ne 1