Living in now



Thank to kindly make me always believe that I’m a great person to this unique world, to class me high and gave me guts to move ahead, I got the stage I’ve struggled for years not the sound of silence, but i raised hundred thousand of voice to get myself on the top "I wake up in the morning, I feel terrific ever" I had to encourage myself all days long – listen to the tap, inspirational tap, educational tap and motivational tap.

Don’t try to change the whole world just try to change one thing at a time. The more powerful to be influent yourself is the positive expectation and imagine that you will be becoming the ideal one and its self to reflect self-discipline to achieve complete harmony in your mind.

If you make a mistake or fall back occasionally, don’t worry about that, throw it off. Living in now, don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t worry about the past, just concentrate and living in now. One day at a time keep your mind focus on where you want to go? who you want to be? today this minute and don’t worry about anything else. Everything else will take care of itself and finally continually feed your mind with books, taps, seminars, courses. Feed your mind with rich mental nutrition, read, study, listen, associate with positive people, program your mind continually. Imagine you are in training for a mental marathon.

Start in the morning straight through the day, you must continually be thinking about and talking about the person you want to be with the quality that you want to have and finally remember all causation is mental. Everything that ever happen to you today, tomorrow and the future for the rest of your life will be determined by the contain of your conscious mind and since the only thing in the world over with you have completed control is your thought. If you keep just your thought consistent with what you want to be "HAVE & DO" that alone it’s enough to enable you to control your destiny.

By being who exactly who you are, raise your own voice and need no messenger "I hate messenger and copied message" as it’s might translated wrongly. Though, let’s face up and have straight forward communication without messenger.






2 thoughts on “Living in now

  1. feeling terrific, i believe it’s truly you. But even outlook, you look terrific too, bong. Keep update more. i love reading your entry 🙂

  2. Thank Pinkii, trust your encouragement work on me… Kindda find nowhere to begin with, but get myself inspired to boost poetry world again. I wish you will hand me your support or help bong to accomplish the optimistic world ever 🙂

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