Intellectual MANTRA

I was forwarded this morning, so it’s good for reading…

While I was in a Restaurant, suddenly a cockroach flew from somewhere and sat on a lady standing a little away from me.
She started screaming out of fear. With panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach. Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group got cranky to what was happening. The lady finally managed to push the cockroach to another lady in the group.

Now, it was the turn of the other lady in the group to continue the drama. The waiter rushed forward to their rescue.
In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter.
The waiter stood firm, composed himself and observed the behavior of the cockroach on his shirt.

When he was confident enough, he grabbed and threw it out with his fingers.
Sipping my coffee and watching the amusement, my mind picked up a few thoughts and started wondering:

  – Was the cockroach responsible for the ladies’ histrionic behavior?
  – If so, then why was the waiter not disturbed? He handled it near to perfection

  – without any chaos or drama. 
– So, it was not the cockroach, but the inability of the ladies to handle the disturbance caused by the cockroach that disturbed them.

I also realized even in my case then, it is not the shouting of my father or scolding of my boss that disturbs me, but it’s my own inability to handle the disturbances caused by their shouting that disturb me.

Similarly, it’s not the traffic jams on the road that disturbs me, but my inability to handle the disturbance caused in my mind by the traffic jam that disturbs me.
More than the problem, it’s my own reaction to the problem that hurts me!
The Take-Away:

  – The women reacted but the waiter responded.
  – We must not react in life; we should always respond.
  – Reactions are instinctive; responses are intellectual.

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No image to share

I was asked after almost a week trip in KUL & SIN, some friends of mine are wondering why I don’t have any photo to share, the things I can’t make up excuse is they don’t trust me because they knew I had been with a little proffessional camera gal — she is keen to photo shot wherever she goes… The simple answer to them from me, camera gal normally hand camera, but this trip really occupied her hand, both hand possesed most everyday that the reason of no time to hold any shot.

So to all ma friends, I really have no photo to share as I’ve been very busy and got a bad flue — not a moment I was eager to shot anything 😦

I have some images of this evening to share and stop asking me for last week photo —







Big dreams

He said you could dream big or had many dreams but the dreams must be very specific, as universe will respond to your expected proposal after writing down and share that dreams to the right person about your dream, don’t forget to tell him what do you really want??

I think twice after coming  back to rest and laying down a bit before writing down a short note to tell him how much I’m appreciated to his thoughtful philosophy. I’m excited when he told he likes my country, and I’m impressed to know that he would bring a long his family to visit this ancient land. I was recalled about dream, I don’t think I am gonna share the dreams with anyone before, only universe knew what I want as I keep telling myself to go on and keep walking your dreams, law of attraction would return all possible wishes.. I came to think again another weeks,

I was reminded…

Write down the list of dreams you are concentrate and focus wherever you are,

stick the note wherever you can see, in the bedroom, restroom, living room ,

carry it with you of all time and make sure to tell the right ones what you want your dream to be, etc…. address your appropriate answers to below questions : 

1) What is your dream?
2) Where your dream is?
3) When do you want start your dream?
4) Be patient and waiting for the surprising result… It does work for him and others and there is no reason for not happen the same to you…

This is very inspiring lines from the special lunch.

I wish I would share him my dream one day…






















My next explore place

It’s another day, stop complaining about things happen today, I just can’t act different but being myself is way back to the old pinpoint :). Thinking of the next place to explore the world and meeting people. Learning their culture and understand their language, keep smiling and be positive… Trying to convince myself to keep go on…..

On web conference with all smiling faces, Nato, Jolie, Lida, Reasey, Vimean and mom. They are ready to see mom off to EUROPE for 3 months. It’s too long for the woman has never gone anywhere from her kids, yet my mom expected the flight off to Grenoble and explore the European countries. I wish her the wonderful trip and happy for the gifted moment (we gonna miss you dearly)

Regret I’m away from everyone until next couple of days back home, mom would had left tomorrow 😦 I’m sorry that I could not see you off with everyone. I’m glad you made it and had this tremendous trip but seeing everyone were smiling on the screen this evening made feel guilty 😦











One moment in KUL Central

image I’m right now boarding from KUL (Kuala Lumpur) to SIN (Singapore), the journey ended up shorter than planned for reasons – the rhythm of Guantamera and L’amour C’est Pour Rien and Darniers Baisers were playing after Old Town Coffee with yummy smell of Malaysian cuisine, I was badly hungry, I finished my late lunch in 5 minutes…lolz

Though, I wish not to recall this uneventful and terrible mission happened this morning… As the tale begun, but it was bad and good colorful stages to be proud of as you have experienced 2 things at same time. First, you were stuck in the protest against the government. Second, you were surrounded by  nice people around, your good sister and brothers, you don’t need to feel you were the lonely person but you are cared of.

I still remember well that my wrist was tightly hold under raindrops keep falling down at the same exact moment of teardrops keep rolling down, you were running to find a way out of the gas tear fired, I was panic and hard to breath..

Thank you everyone,  Soup bro, and concerns from all friends – Pantai HillPark Phase II, the place to memorize, and the nicest peoples on hospitality, feeling so warm and tender to access the fastest internet  speed, so I can’t wait to tell you about…

By having various tastes but you realized it was time you can’t be happy without – my little girl said, nobody in this world wish to crush such disgusting moment. For me, I consider every single moment, bad or good, they are important experiences that you can never buy from shop or mall 🙂 and the time you had fun and joy with nice dude around and you were safe finally.

Unexpected event but sweet or tart, bad or good, frustrated or joyful, impressed or depressed.. They are the combination of life itself.

We were distracted in KUL central this morning by the time of the departure of the trip heading to Genting Malaysia Resort that ma friends arranged for, tickets bought with smiling faces… Donna & Donna we made it up…. Who knows??

Needless to say, I am happy that I plan to fail is better than I fail to plan 🙂

The protesters were tempted to remove from KUL central, friends of mine and myself were in a miserable circumstance which Malaysian police fired repeated rounds of tear gas out to take away place of protest. I aimed not to swallow that toxicant gas, but to run away as fast as possible I can make to avoid worse disastrous oxygen, I was breathing in and out with the mist of bad pollution but my teardrops were falling down and coughing. It was raining with the falling teardrops of almost protesters that I didn’t understand completely what they were screaming for, I wish they all were safe — the sound of protester made my journey of truly Asia shorter and my flight is landing down to Changi Airport just now.

We are safe back and ready to experience the Saturday night in the town, anyway — training will definitely on schedule.

Thank for today and all nice people I met  during KUL trip =(@_@)=


** Back – up story ***

2011-07-09t174109z_01_btre7681d4o00_rtroptp_3_malaysia-protest_grid-6x2KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian police fired repeated rounds of tear gas and detained over 1,400 people in the capital on Saturday as thousands of activists evaded roadblocks and barbed wire to hold a street protest against Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government.

At least a dozen people were hurt in the demonstration for electoral reform in downtown Kuala Lumpur. There were no reports of serious injuries but some analysts said the police action was excessive and would dent Najib’s image.

"We are not criminals, we are just asking for free and fair elections," opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter, Nurul Izzah Anwar, told reporters after her father was knocked down and hurt in a melee when he and his supporters were tear gassed.

"Many innocent people were injured. We condemn this act of cruelty by UMNO and Barisan Nasional," she said, referring to Najib’s party and the ruling coalition.

Street protests are rare in this Southeast Asian nation, but foreign investors are worried that any groundswell of anti-government sentiment could delay economic reforms seen as essential to draw investment.

If he is put under popular pressure, Najib may reconsider plans for a snap election and hold back on reforms such as cutting fuel subsidies or unwinding an affirmative action program for the country’s Malay majority.

Polls are not due until 2013 but analysts have said Najib could seek an early mandate after economic growth accelerated to a 10-year high in 2010.

"From Najib’s perspective, holding elections anytime soon would be a mistake because of the damage that has been done today," said Bridget Welsh, Malaysia specialist at Singapore Management University.

"The fact that such a large crowd turned up despite a crackdown shows that voter anger is deep and this is going to push a lot of people who are in the middle toward the opposition."

Reuters witnesses saw tear gas shells lobbed repeatedly at groups of protesters in downtown Kuala Lumpur as the crowds chanted "Long Live the People" and "Reformasi, reformasi," the Malay word for reform.

Several people were seen bleeding after the tear gas was fired, but police gave no details of any injuries. Crowds around the city’s main bus station were also sprayed with water cannon.

Malaysia’s inspector-general of police, Ismail Omar, said 1,401 people were taken into custody, but many will be released after questioning. At least three senior opposition leaders were among those detained, other officials said.

"We have made our point that we want free and fair elections," said Chan Mei Yin, a 32-year old accountant who joined the protest.

"The police are just showing that they are brutal to Malaysians. I will not vote for this government."


While Malaysia is far from being divided by political strife like its northern neighbor Thailand, the opposition has been steadily growing more vocal.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets at a November 2007 rally, which analysts said galvanized support for the opposition ahead of record gains in a 2008 general election.

Analysts said the turnout of protesters on Saturday was more than 10,000, around the same as in 2007. Police, however, put the number at 5,000-6,000, while protest organizers claimed 50,000 attended.

"Malaysian civil society is showing the government that intimidation will not work," said Ooi Kee Beng, a political analyst at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies of Singapore.

"We’re seeing a lack of will on the part of the government to try to negotiate and to defuse the situation. It’s all going to look very bad outside Malaysia."

After Malaysia’s constitutional monarch tried to defuse the situation, the government initially offered Bersih (Clean), the group that called the protest, the use of a stadium to hold its demonstration.

But it baulked at allowing the group to use the main stadium in downtown Kuala Lumpur, at which point Bersih said it would defy the ban.

From midnight, police locked down the central shopping district of the city of 1.6 million people, setting up roadblocks and barring taxis and buses from the area. Suburban trains, however, continued to operate and other areas of the city were not affected.

Bersih has vowed to bring together tens of thousands of supporters to the protest but it fell short. Still, some analysts said the government faced a problem.

"Just looking at the crowd there were many ‘first timers’, young people from the Facebook generation who just wanted to have a peaceful life," said Ibrahim Suffian, director of the independent opinion polling outfit Merdeka Center.

"This is trouble for Najib as it will polarize traditionally non-political segments of society like the young even further away from him."

Najib took power in 2009, and inherited a divided ruling coalition which had been weakened by historic losses in the 2008 polls. He has promised to restructure government and economy and introduced an inclusive brand of politics aimed at uniting the country’s different races.

Najib’s approval ratings have risen from 45 percent to 69 percent in February, according to independent polling outfit Merdeka Center. But analysts said recent ethnic and religious differences have undermined his popularity.

Personal Mission statement


“My simple message is to all, everyone counts. The strings are in your hands. Your actions will make the difference. Making improvements by ’keeping it simple’ should be constantly on our minds. We have the control to make our own lives. Our object in the construction of the state is the greatest happiness of the whole and not that of any one class”

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My mom

I believe everyone could say that they admire their mother or maybe not. I cannot say that my mother was a hero to me, because she was not but I did and do still admire her. I was treated tough, occupied and studied hard in order to bring a good study record to her; she rarely talked to me and my other sibling. She was very quiet person when I was a kid and she expected all of her kid the best and champion and to avoid the life she has been. After listening to her long sad story about her miserable memories and childhood memory. We all begun to understand why she did the way she treated her children. Thus, the story that I believe nobody would rather not to wish for or never wanted to be in that moment. In spite of the story that make me stronger and the story to make my unique existence.

She told me many things, which she did when she was young and lived with her poor aunt far away from the town. She has struggled the life with a very less support from family and relative but she managed to be the best student at her hometown even the poor community as well as conservative society would not expect a woman to be the best in classroom.

Nevertheless, we do not talk much and not so close to each other, for I have been very busy since I left home for almost 10 years. In particular, circumstance and that at critical times, she seemed to know exactly what I needed and did it for me. I cannot explain it. We never talked all that much but she had this knack, this sense of where I was in my head and always seemed to be there for me when I need her.

Her desirable command and strictly advice was underneath my skin, my blood, and came at exactly the right time and from there, I built my own career, working in the company where I am proud of to be. I am supported exactly at the right time. I also admire her for who she was and lead all her kids to this day, without her, there is no me. She was an honest, struggle, hard working, decent human being with a very clean soul and helpful person to the ones need her.

Myself & my job

I need to be inspired and motivated for the growth and higher advancement to the next level of my current position, I must be optimistic and hopeful wherever or whatever I do to fill my expectation and goal. Especially to deal with the people I work with. Not only customers, colleagues, as you can see it is not always easy to come up with successful relationship and we all happy at the end of the day. I cannot wait until people come to inspire or to tell me what should I do to make the improvement, I dare to raise my voice to do the things right and I’d rather to die to prevent integrity alive.

My passion for DHL has always been there as I have been constantly challenged in every role to out-perform my manager’s expectations. I hate being behind budget, score cards must be green not red. It’s the people who come along with you for the ride that drive me every day. Seeing others develop the passion for excellence gets you fuelled and pumped. By the end of Friday, there is often not a lot of fuel left in the tank. As on of the Manager you go go go all week long, people want to be inspired and to see your energy, it’s contagious.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

A man who had such a command of the English language and who preached non-violence in a time when violence was all around him. I am ashamed to say that while my parents and others condemned this colored man, nigger, for stirring up trouble and trying to change the way things were, I secretly admired his courage but could not let my parents and others know of my admiration.

Mahatmas Gandhi

He’s a huge box-office hit. He’s at the top of the Indian music charts. He’s on the front cover of magazines. One hundred years after Gandhi first called on his compatriots to resist white colonial rule without violence, he is back in fashion once more.

However, today Gandhi has caught the Indian imagination all over again. He appears as a character in the biggest Bollywood hit of the summer – a comedy, but one that even his admirers accept does not degrade his message. His writings are bestsellers again. He is at the top of India’s music charts too, with a tape of his Hindu devotional songs, or bhajans. A new Gandhi museum in Delhi is opening its doors to 2,000 visitors a day.

His sayings are visible all over India’s cities. People are openly displaying them. The sunshades across the rear windows of cars proclaim “There is no way to peace; peace is the way”. Young Indians are wandering around in T-shirts that say “Be the change you want to see in the world”, complete with the image of Gandhi’s trademark circular-lenses spectacles.

Outlook magazine, India’s answer to Time and Newsweek, even featured Gandhi on its front cover this week – which is more often adorned with besuited and self-satisfied looking businessmen. The previous week’s cover, by comparison, showed high-flying students at India’s business schools leaping in the air.

Something remarkable is happening in India. Just as the world is beginning to see the country as an emerging economy obsessed with copying all things Western, and ever more hooked on consumerism, India has rediscovered another voice from its past, a voice that spoke of a different vision for his country.

Albert Einstein.

I think Albert is recognized as the smartest or at least one of the smartest men to have ever lived. I so admire his ability to see into things, which cannot be seen, and reason out understanding of them. E=MC2: how more elegant can something get than that. For a short time, when I was just out of college, I so dearly wanted to finish Albert’s work on the unified field theory, which joins all known forces and energies in the universe into one set of equations or model. Only about as likely as me jumping to the moon. Funny how sometimes, we can delude ourselves to such an extreme.

Good Professors

I think teaching is one of the honorable professions, influencing and molding young minds. All professors taught me lot of great experience, drive me right from wrong, showing me all possibility to openness through the idealistic thoughts and functional knowledge to facilitate my current position. I’m very much grateful to all

Any One Who is Really Good at What They Do.

Know this is a rather broad statement but it seems there so many people who take no pride in their work today and when I find someone who is good at what they do, I admire them.





1- I want to have a double growth in terms of volume and sale revenue for the company I work for.

2- I want to have a stable income and successful career, which will be able to support the ones in need and to contribute to the poor communities in my country.

1- I want to see myself growth together with the company, especially to see the team motivated and engaged doing the right things.

2- I want to improve my teamwork spirit and their knowledge in logistics industry to be professional sales and achieve the KPIs the end of year within the region.

1- I want to be able to help people to build themselves for growth.

2- I want to be a leader to inspired people meet and colleagues I work with and establish my country through sharing knowledge and experiences I have learnt.




Build up the teamwork and get them trained to be professional sales

To have a double growth in terms of volume and sale revenue, and the team is motivated, for quarterly incentive calculated by their hardest work scale and monthly sale performance measurement.

To inspire my brothers and sisters

They will be able to find the most appropriate way to achievement and successful careers, for they are learning the way I’ve done J

Update on won/lost business

The ‘Sales KPI’s’ were designed as a first step to set minimum performance levels across a standard set of activity levers

Sharing experiences for improvement

By having a regular training and sharing the knowledge, my goal as well as my team expectation is to actively participate the improvement program throughout the performance measurement to make sure that, they are ready to seize the coming opportunity.

Learning to be a better person and make the dreams I’ve expected for years.

I am reminded of an occasion years ago when challenges seemed almost too much to bear, when healing came the thought came with it that a challenge is simply the opportunity to see and prove the differences.




People I know and met, they are my family, professors, friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues, and all my people.

I want them to say and tell the ones they love the remarkable memories they have felt about me J, the moment to remember, unforgettable consequences, those are the pride they have to be proud of, for I want them to be great people, but they the lessons they learn is not from me but from putting their strong passion and the hardest work to everything single task they do to aim for what they want J

Mankind are always happy for having been happy, so that if you make them happy now, you make them happy twenty years hence by the memory of it.