My next explore place

It’s another day, stop complaining about things happen today, I just can’t act different but being myself is way back to the old pinpoint :). Thinking of the next place to explore the world and meeting people. Learning their culture and understand their language, keep smiling and be positive… Trying to convince myself to keep go on…..

On web conference with all smiling faces, Nato, Jolie, Lida, Reasey, Vimean and mom. They are ready to see mom off to EUROPE for 3 months. It’s too long for the woman has never gone anywhere from her kids, yet my mom expected the flight off to Grenoble and explore the European countries. I wish her the wonderful trip and happy for the gifted moment (we gonna miss you dearly)

Regret I’m away from everyone until next couple of days back home, mom would had left tomorrow 😦 I’m sorry that I could not see you off with everyone. I’m glad you made it and had this tremendous trip but seeing everyone were smiling on the screen this evening made feel guilty 😦












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