It does not work

It is really sick and hard to be a nice person — Again so exhausted to be mature person existed to guide the ones to growth, I expect people learn by themselves after 2-3 times lessons have been already shown.

I’m human being, not a super-woman, I wish people know how to find way to get assistance around, I want everyone mature in their roles.

I have 2 hands, 1 mouth as everyone else existed as normal creature, whatever I can do, you also I can do after I showed you the way and where you could assess that help rather than stay still and waiting for god to help from nowhere, suck!!!!

Nothing benefited from do nothing, neither nor waiting for the miracle, no magical days get you the achievement or success in life without personal sacrifice, no angel down to earth to hand you help since you don’t even know how to utilize your energy for something better, especially for yourself rather than to call off a day useless and back to the same stupid creature appear for no-one and frustrated for a long long days.

Relax, relax, relax, I personally dislike this expression… You can relax anytime, before you relax did you ask yourself what you have done for today? Have you completed the task you suppose to do since last week? Any accomplishment you did for weeks? Did you find any improvement you made by yourself?

Have you ever thought of these simple questions before you could close your lazy fucking eyes? I bet not — suck!!!

Too much for today!!!



5 thoughts on “It does not work

  1. lets cheers up and relax together , sist~ i found a nice entry for my blog too.. i got it by a chance… somewhere from online. she wrote it nice as u actually were.

  2. Been thousand of times to cheers myself up when your life completely down and nothing would make you feel alright as you were totally destroyed in a tragic moment.

    I’ve told myself to be stronger as I taught people to laugh in no circumstance to walk their optimistic day reaching their dreams. While I didn’t know how to lie, can’t help to survive the day you live a misery alive for nobody.

    No more teardrop, no more bleeding days, no more shiny star, upon your early morning awken day, you stood up and pretended that you did it and overcome those disgusting thought.. You just can’t do lie to yourself, you express the strength you were, you immitat that you are a strong happy person while you are not, yet she is, neither do I — I’m surrendered today!! Sorry hon

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