Let’s experience Manila & Coron island


Snapshots of the trip
Tan Son Nhat Airport : 27/Apr/12 @ 10.30pm – 1.30am Looking out of the window of Cebu Pacific (Airlines) during it was landing off Tan Son Nhat airport, I was trying to open ma tiny eyes little wiser as I glanced at ma old silver small watch (oh.. 2.30am !! my goodness) I was realized the flight has already been delayed few hours behind the expected schedule that the reason my eyes did not listen to my command anymore. Having mixed emotions, so excited and exhausted as these backpackers were traveling all the way by bus from one country to another. The bus was stopped several places by polices in different areas for some reasons that we did not know why (I prayed we won’t miss the flight tonight). Though, ma Lovely Thanh has booked the plan tickets for 6 people over a year ago during promotion period, we did not expect to make it happen.. But we are on going process.. here we go and let’s experience Manila & Coron island 🙂 New experience to hear music on the plane, yes Cebu Pacufic played music with mixing type, sentimental & R&B.. (JUST THE KISS was the first song). My stomach was singing with the songs, we expect the flight attendants would serve us some nice snack.. It was just a dream, we waited and found that, no meal serves on this airbus. Oh.. I begun to feel cold inside the plane (temperature), I supposed to asked the flight attendant for blanket.. What a poor us, we had to turn eyes closed in this freezing cool atmosphere .. Nothing to stop the cool breezes, hungers, uncomfortable seats.. Where narrow space as a temporary obstacle to keep both legs straight… Then, I started to turn on my iPad instead of iPhone (low battery), by overcoming the sensation, cool, hunger… Carry on my inspirational tap as I listen to Jack Kornfield (The roots of Buddish psychology).. It was not long enough, I finished 4 parts in topic of GRASPING, AVERSION, DELUSION and GENEROSITY… Those spiritual speeches were very true, the tension began to fade away as I stayed meditate and get myself focus on the stories that Jack was trying to explain in psychological facts.. As good lessons learn and Jack has been an exceptional psychologist and respectful mentor. By telling about what he has gone through in his childhood memory, his life has been miserably sad to have an unreasonable father who beat his mom very often. He has frightened memory with his father. Meditation was cut by….

Manila Airport : 28/Apr/12 @ 5.30am (flight notification) spoke by captain crew, you almost arrived your destination, fill out your arrival form for immigration check point, it’s 5.30am local time (Philippine). It is cool freezing night on the plane while you heard people (passengers) were snoring as well as your friends.. You did not sleep, it was truly cool damn, struggled to wake everyone up. I begun to know we were safe arrived Manila. Hence, we waited for taxi driver to pick us from the airport to the hotel (Makati Avenue area). I felt no energy left on the way to hotel, my body needed some rest, I fell asleep while they were discussing on sight-seeing city tour but I was already departed 🙂 (sleep like a dead person). Unfortunately, we arrived in hotel earlier, so we were not allowed to check in right away… I felt terrible to wait during sleepy sense.. Lastly, we decided to pay extra fee for early check in, so we were able to keep all our luggages and left behind our stuff for breakfast. 30 minutes ago, I had asked to give me another 30 minutes nap to recover my strength… I woke myself up in order to accompany all of my friends for breakfast somewhere near by hotel. And yet, we walked about few miles and ended up enter a Pizza restaurant (any foods don’t bother us as we were every hungry).. After finish breakfast some buddies headed for local Shopping mall without changing dresses nor they brushed teeth.. Sorry, I could not stand any longer with my smelly body. Though, I came to hotel to grab my nap and took a shower until 11pm. Makati Avenue 12pm Naturally, we do smell this city, the city full of respects and loving kindness and the most memorable favorable taste of this country is “CHEESE” the presence of cheese in everything they consume, foods, drinks, ice-creams.. etc. I could figure it out that majority of Phillipino people enjoy having foods with this (CHEESE) flavor.. Getting my laptop connected with wifi area at 4th floor while waiting for friends to have lunch together. The crowded landscape reflected the city itself from the balcony in Makati area. I felt I was in a county looked familiar… Don’t know why… Sorrow, compassion gesture undertake the teardrops started falling apart when seeing a very young age boy around my nephew age with a pale face laid down on the dusty ground next to the corner of 7 Eleven where we walked in, to get local SIM card. ” Silly me” everywhere is the same, poverty existed on the earth for any social welfare.. why I feel sad and frustrated to see this kid, said my friends.. This homeless unhealthy little boy is actually hungry, his eyes expressed the sadness and this boy needed a bed as other kids and neither he loves to rest on public street.. Could you imagine if the kid were your nephew? Child?.. The compassion emotional feeling appeared whenever I see people living condition in such sensational circumstance and the questions WHY WHY WHY.. Lunch was ended and we were going sight-seeing in Manila. Later, we went to Museum, parks and malls. After experiences local meals for dinner we came back to the hotel. The first night in Manila was almost gone.. Around 1am I was still awakening as the sound of music from somewhere around the hotel like there were a big music band were performing music show.. It reminded me that this country has “MUSIC” spirit, everywhere is music, no matter you’re old or young, they enjoy music… This would explain why plenty of Phillipino Music Band in many countries and Cambodia too 🙂

Coron Island Palawan : Chill-out – 29 & 30/Apr/12 @ 11.15am We checked out Manila and going to Coron island, it takes 56 minutes by Airphilexpress. This small air bus was landing as scheduled (luckily no delay).. We needed another 45 minutes from airport to the central city.


Along the way by a mini van with 6 of us.. some of us fell asleep, some taking pictures.. The Green grass with a clear sky surrounded by mountains drive openness in our hearts toward the lodges which already occupied for our presence. Welcome to Coron my friend !!! Incredible plan that my beloved friends (thank to Thanh & Thao to coordinate the trip and well organized). Beautiful places, fantasy of every single islands we have visited. Thus, lot of leisure activities take place itself, “SEA DIVE” the name of the Boat owner that we rented for 2 days tours for more than 6 Islands from one to another (can’t believe we did that).


The sunny day displayed the sea view even more beautiful, the clean and clear ocean makes this landscape more attractive, freshly seafoods served for everyone, those things make no difference from my hometown (Sihanoukville) What make the trip more special?? you can’t forget the pleasant memory for hours on the small boats sailed you to many islands and captain service is professional (most of them are young & talented in serving tourist), they may be well trained to entertain tourists come to this town. Remarkably, they speak fluent English and trained to rescue people in the ocean if any accident. They cooked us delicious foods on the boat and recommended good places to visit. Most of the entrance fee where the boat stop for tourist diving and visiting is 100 peso (10,000 riel) per person and some entrance fee is 200 peso per person. Each island we spent 45 minutes to an hour for swimming and deep diving. I did not miss a chance, we swim as eat 🙂 I was totally sun burnt even-though you put on Sun block.. Lolz Remained pleasure and the sympathetic joy we have among this trip, equanimity, compassion of my friends to further understanding and pleasantly being around with them is very special moment I have in my life. Time fly, self-modification, the capacity for joy come naturally out of the pure heart, beautiful heart.. You can’t tell outside.. we called off 2 days journey in Coron town.. Everyone physically look exhausted but our mentality vividly strong. Time to say farewell to Coron and the lodges we stayed peacefully. When we appreciate this moment for what it is to let’s go our plan as it supposed to be.. I feel the beauty around me, especially my friends that we have been together for years.. Enjoy ours lives, how to be happy, be happy.. the is how to practice, we tend to find true happiness. p.s : 1 integrity and morality tip that I like about Coron is the price is fix and same everywhere you go, taxi, foods, services… So, cool and you don’t need to waste time bargain the price as foreigners.. It is the same for local & foreigner. This is a kind of honesty perspective that people in this community are aligned and have a standard rules for tourist in long term business in term of customer retaining and attraction, we would not feel to be cheated for fluctuated price. I’m sure that whom already visited this country would introduce more tourist and strongly recommended their friends, family to experience this peaceful place 🙂 Coron, ciao : 01/May/12 @ 12.50pm We had a quick breakfast and 4 of us were going to airport and other 2 friends stayed late in hotel waited for evening flight due the full booked of morning flight. The 4 backpackers were earlier arrived the airport and waited for connecting to Manila.. While waiting for flight to take off. Accidentally, another delay of an hour again 😦 We were waiting and I was blogging this story… Lolz Another thing, I have finished the 12 part tape of Jack Kornfield (The roots of Buddish psychology). I’d wish if our young generation would also listen to this spiritual speech to meditate your mind and spirit and how would you behave to interact the universal. To pay respect to those who are weak and those who are powerful which was read for everyone wants. Try it in your relationship, see how your customer and your boss, your lovers, your children and your parent respond to that.. Just to tell you, ZestAir is very hot aircraft, no air-con and we hardly breath in-out.. All passengers were sweating and I did not hear any complaint of this matter, yet I fell asleep after 10 minutes took off with my body sweating too. I was woken up by the time we almost arrived MNL domestic terminal.. Luckily, 45 minutes is not long when you were sleeping and everyone said it was too long to reach the destination. Hyper Market & Mall of Asia 3pm – 7pm We chill out in the area and had lunch there.. Fortunately, we found Vietnamese Cuisine, we were delightedly experience the foods there. Shopping is not my big hobby but I enjoy seeing people shopping, many branded products there. Sale off, Sale, Sale.. Most stores were full of clients, “sale off” the price more than 50% off the good promotion and offering on Labor day (1/May).. We walked and we ate until 7pm to head to hotel for check MNL. Check-in Tan Son Nhat Airport : 03/May/12 @ 1.30am Delay an hour flight made our arrival behind the plan… I thought I was dead, got hotel and prepared my presentation for meeting just in time 🙂 Not much pictures to post yet, as I need to transfer from Camera.. Can’t wait to show off those beautiful portraits 🙂 The plane (ZestAir) landed and we were ready to get on the plane.. To be continue…





Malacca fragrance (historic Melaka)



J’attendre, and La Paloma were giving mixture, their rhythm of the songs brought my sense to recall the old city, Malacca or Melaka.. peaceful landscape with culturalism infrastructure make this city even more beautiful in her own way.

Visit historic Melaka means visit Malaysia….

Looking out of the Delima’s window (bus name). This is the right choice (whispered to myself) thank to ma dearest buddy, Aparna who had managed to arrange this trip for all of us…

5 hours were too short to keep your glance away out of the bus from crowded Singapore to this historic place.. Yeah.. Here we go, we were safe arrived in the town by the same time of J’attendre ended. Took off my earphone, throw aways my smelly jacket, let’s smell this city fragrance….

Unexpected expectation

I did not plan to be here… such a great privilege to experience this ancient town.. Historic city, city of the world heritage, huge regret if you could not make the trip here.. Lolz

Make it as another backpacker we used to experience.. The fragrance of this city, the people I talk to on the streets, taxi driver, coffee shop (Starbucks), all and all are pretty moment to blog in ma small note… smiling face, kind, friendly.. I’m sure I’m gonna miss them…

Enjoy local Malay street foods, sigh-seeing, this is the first day we arrived.. Don’t know what is our next journey plan for tomorrow.. 2 days city tour may not enough to learn all amazing things in this wonderful city. Besides, great culture, soft music, art…

The best way to enjoy Melaka in a slow and laid back manner is by walking along the streets of Melaka. But, if you want to experience a different view, trishaw will take you through streets and corners of Melaka’s historic city center that you could easily miss out if you decide to venture on your own. The trishaw can be rented on hourly or distance covered basis at the Stadthuys.

I will try to share as much as experience I have in this trip.. So, I can’t wait to upload the night shot from my Cannon.. since Internet bandwidth in the hostel we stayed is limited, I had to upload some pictures right away from my old iPhone.. it may take hours to show in the blog..

While waiting another friends coming (3 Indians, 1 Chinese and 1 German) there are things to shot in the city..

Malacca, Malaysia

First night city shot..





























2nd day sight-seeing

Here we go, gathering all along for city tour and experience some remarkable place. 7 monkeys (kidding) from different counties, to have centralizing meeting, we have Cambodia, India, Germany and China.. Ooh.. La la. Luckily all of us the big fans of artist.. We crazily love taking photograph ^_^

Taking hundred of pictures by individual Camera, iPhone.. etc, funny, memorable, enjoyable and.. Countless and priceless moment we have done for today. All are Starbucks fans.. Lolz.

Phone off, shoes off and let’s have fun guys.. Though, will try to post some more pictures later on.. Ta ta da…


(suck) Internet bandwidth slowly down, this is upset me to not able to post all High Resolution pictures for all my dearest brothers and sisters.. promise that you will find your pictures available this weekend.. Be patient buddies… Lolz

04/May/12 : Spent more than 24 hours

It takes me over 24 hours to upload these heavy pictures to web link :

6 Monkeys Snapshots

Cheers @-@