Malacca fragrance (historic Melaka)



J’attendre, and La Paloma were giving mixture, their rhythm of the songs brought my sense to recall the old city, Malacca or Melaka.. peaceful landscape with culturalism infrastructure make this city even more beautiful in her own way.

Visit historic Melaka means visit Malaysia….

Looking out of the Delima’s window (bus name). This is the right choice (whispered to myself) thank to ma dearest buddy, Aparna who had managed to arrange this trip for all of us…

5 hours were too short to keep your glance away out of the bus from crowded Singapore to this historic place.. Yeah.. Here we go, we were safe arrived in the town by the same time of J’attendre ended. Took off my earphone, throw aways my smelly jacket, let’s smell this city fragrance….

Unexpected expectation

I did not plan to be here… such a great privilege to experience this ancient town.. Historic city, city of the world heritage, huge regret if you could not make the trip here.. Lolz

Make it as another backpacker we used to experience.. The fragrance of this city, the people I talk to on the streets, taxi driver, coffee shop (Starbucks), all and all are pretty moment to blog in ma small note… smiling face, kind, friendly.. I’m sure I’m gonna miss them…

Enjoy local Malay street foods, sigh-seeing, this is the first day we arrived.. Don’t know what is our next journey plan for tomorrow.. 2 days city tour may not enough to learn all amazing things in this wonderful city. Besides, great culture, soft music, art…

The best way to enjoy Melaka in a slow and laid back manner is by walking along the streets of Melaka. But, if you want to experience a different view, trishaw will take you through streets and corners of Melaka’s historic city center that you could easily miss out if you decide to venture on your own. The trishaw can be rented on hourly or distance covered basis at the Stadthuys.

I will try to share as much as experience I have in this trip.. So, I can’t wait to upload the night shot from my Cannon.. since Internet bandwidth in the hostel we stayed is limited, I had to upload some pictures right away from my old iPhone.. it may take hours to show in the blog..

While waiting another friends coming (3 Indians, 1 Chinese and 1 German) there are things to shot in the city..

Malacca, Malaysia

First night city shot..





























2nd day sight-seeing

Here we go, gathering all along for city tour and experience some remarkable place. 7 monkeys (kidding) from different counties, to have centralizing meeting, we have Cambodia, India, Germany and China.. Ooh.. La la. Luckily all of us the big fans of artist.. We crazily love taking photograph ^_^

Taking hundred of pictures by individual Camera, iPhone.. etc, funny, memorable, enjoyable and.. Countless and priceless moment we have done for today. All are Starbucks fans.. Lolz.

Phone off, shoes off and let’s have fun guys.. Though, will try to post some more pictures later on.. Ta ta da…


(suck) Internet bandwidth slowly down, this is upset me to not able to post all High Resolution pictures for all my dearest brothers and sisters.. promise that you will find your pictures available this weekend.. Be patient buddies… Lolz

04/May/12 : Spent more than 24 hours

It takes me over 24 hours to upload these heavy pictures to web link :

6 Monkeys Snapshots

Cheers @-@



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