Solo vs misery

Another day, come and go and nothing seemed to make her feel alright.. She had a clumsy day.. yet, pretty tough and tight to pretend fine…

School fall the same day, she was 30 minutes late, traffic police stopped her in the morning, laptop was sick half day, what else? Lunch time turned suck after late check out, got a miserable voice to do this and do that.. piles of works pending and needed more energy to sort out, but she felt so lost.. Unnerve, that suck!!!!!!

After school, another accident due some reasons (the song made her crazy) Back home, dinner alone and wait for her youngest brother to come home.. She cut her finger and bleeding when peeling mango.. From some points of life she supposed to cry, but she had to smile..

Thus, she turned on the old DVD and played.. laughing and weeping after all because it was funny scene at the point :


There is a wonderful old Italian Joke.. About a poor man who goes to church everyday…and prays before the statue of a great saint, begging :

“Dear saint, please, please, please let me win the lottery”

Finally, the exasperated statue comes to life.. And look down at the begging man and says :

“My son, please, please, please buy a ticket.”


She had to take a shower in the middle of the night.. and will buy tickets 🙂

Life goes on!!


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