She does not want write anymore,
She does not want to talk anymore,
She does not want to stay anymore,
She does not want to tell anymore,
She does not want to go on like this anymore..

But I know..

She wanted to read more and more letters from him,
She aggressively wanted to hear more and more of his voice, smiles, simple expression..
She wanted to learn more and more about his wise optimism
She is curious and can’t be patient,
She is miserably selfish existing in her own world
She found no direction to go on, she gets lose and fall upon insanity,
She has many doubts and pondered a lot..
She asked me to be her listener…
She asked my shoulder to cry over..
She ask me to guide further..
To go/no-go is her decision..

To disconnect her impossible sentiment and dreams
To disconnect her compassion
To disconnect her emotion
To disconnect her imagination
To disconnect her silly expectation
To disconnect everything..

To keep quiet is a painful communication
To wait for response is harder than starving
To live without spirit an heart is like a dead person,
To breath in/out and swallow the sorrow
To drink away hopelessness
To take away useless teardrops

What else she could do to disconnect her world from his world?

Why can’t she follow her emotional feeling?
Why not she let it go?
Why not she accept the way it is?
Why not she accept the idea KISS?

What make her blind an stupid?

No available flight, no available connection..

What else she would do to chase Agee her dreams..





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