Cry no more…

I’ve been told to be stronger and I’m tired to wake up early.. I hate myself for being a stranger and I don’t even understand how to work things out to wherever happiness is stay still..

It’s hard to get over those scary memories, I didn’t want to look backward and it’s kindda sad to count the same lessons.. I’m deserved this punishment, and it’s embarrassment to leave unsatisfactory chances for some people who doesn’t want to change.. I cry no more, I guess I’m getting used to learn these miserable consequences. I cry no more because of things, I’m disappointed and depressed, I wonder why I never had a simple life, it’s just a simple thing I want to be.. They are trying to kick me off, I got into the same situation, I want to be just a thing not as rubbishy, but to live peacefully.


Love and Lies…

Love and Lies…

It’s raining again; warm, thick blood
I relax as I fall face first in the mud
I can find one million reasons not to get up
But I guess one million is just not enough
My body begins to quiver and my heart begins to shake
I can feel the pressure, but its more than I can take
My body begins to curl, just like a frightened snake
I can leave now, but I know my heart will stay
They say love’s a gift, but its a crime from the start
Especially when you are broken and falling apart
When they say they love you but they pierce your heart
Their love is tender, but their kiss is tart
It’s then that you know that they don’t truly matter
And as you walk away, the chains loudly clatter
You’ve either loved or lost, but you know its the latter
They tell you to come back, but you really aren’t flattered