My reflection

They asked why this blog owner was fading away for so long…
Without anymore excuse, but I’m sure that most of you know why..

I was asked to share my current look in public but I don’t have gut to do so..

My mirror was broken and I am kind of losing my appetite of seeing myself as a reflection.. Thus, I tried a shot with a half face in the edition mode, I must be someone else? I do disagree, the truth is me and I’m becoming more of myself as my belief of changing me into a different preference, look, etc..

I don’t have any specificity desire of writing style to post about, however, I do owe myself a promise.. Will share in the next post…

Blinding blogger!!



Imagination and sensation

I don’t bother to ask
I don’t bother to talk
I don’t bother to…

They are in peace
They are who they are
They love you the way you love them

Only where I often find them…
Where I believe peace is always around
Peace ends when you ask,



Boarding SGN – HAN



This is as exceptional success..



One in a while

DHL Global Forwarding: Sea it, sell it.
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Waiting and adiós

20120714-031010 ព្រឹក.jpg

Waiting in the morning..
Waiting in the afternoon..
Waiting in the evening..
Waiting to say good night..

Waiting to receive letters
Waiting to say Goodbye
Waiting to the bygone days
Waiting to say adiós..

If it would make you feel alright..
So, Adios..

20120714-031145 ព្រឹក.jpg