SNC00077 In your life you can’t work things out the way others want, you can’t be right and casually frustration happened to make you depressed your mind and soul immediately because all you want were not what they desire to obtain, even once. If you follow your heart, you will probably get yourself satisfied and never regret in the end.

If you engage practicing what you like to, you gotta learn to set your mind free to always be stable no matter circumstances come your way, you’d be able to find way back to where you really want most in life and happiness may be your own control.

I can’t be myself for reasons and I don’t wanna be like this forever. I’m not a dreamer and neither a lawyer but I wanna be like myself when I used to be and I wanna be a lonesome creature and want none in this life.


Relationship kindda hard stuff to be maintained and fixed when each one of two disagree to compromise and each one never want to study the other side desires, but only for each owned sage, thus the relationship is going to nearly end up pretty soon. I’m not sure how far I can go to get hold on my present status. I don’t want to be a great person who can always balance up situation the rest of my life. I have my own dreams and I have my own hobby, they ain’t dreams and I’m not going to give those dreams up as long as I can breath.
You only live once but I wanna live twice because of double depression in life cycle ruin my plans, change my ways, modify my nature and I hate this revolutionary routing, I don’t want that way and I’m totally upset of this revolution of mine.

I’ve been waiting for a miracle, yet only imagination may never be the same and I can’t take away with what I really want them to my naturally way. It’s simply less temptation and last minutes of impatient struggling moments and things happens a long my days, uneventful imperfect circumstances where seriously often affected and offended sense of unworkable consequences pull me down from time to time to elsewhere I hardly stand my foot up as I used to be.

I wanna make things right and I wish to change mine, to being able to be flexible, adaptable, sensible, reliable and self-improved person. But I can’t make it, even any single piece ..

I’m just a foolish person has no talent to bring oneself strong behavior to achieve the difference of owned fate consequences. I’m truly a sick victim can’t be cured and I’m a weaken survivor randomized accidentally not deserved to get secured. I hate HER, she is ME..


9 thoughts on “I HATE HER

  1. people enjoy reading pieces that are easy to read. i understand you’re targeting foreigners and not your native khmer readers but it would make your message more powerful if it was in your native tongue. the content is there but i find it difficult to read when i have to guess what it is your trying to convey. i say it makes your writing less effective when your intented meanings are lost in translation. happy birthday.

  2. You are completely right!! I have purposesly posted all my stuff in English from the very beggining of my writing. I didn’t try to make them in Khmer or I never thought about to translate it too.

    Thank for your comment, I wonder how do you know my birthday?

    Aren’t you my long lost friend?

  3. oceans apart we may be,
    but my heart believes insistently,
    that our friendship still exist truly;

    they say out of sight out of mind;
    and everything should be left behind;
    that was never my design,
    it just happened as things got unkind;

    we are strangers that may be,
    but i’m glad we’re not enemies;
    that can’t ever happen to you and me;

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